Liberation by Shogo Onoe

True liberation means freeing yourself. As the cover for the book Liberation implies, freedom sometimes takes the form of leaving yourself open to all kinds of new experiences.

This autobiographical work is the story of how Japanese author Shogo Onoe was sent to Mexico by destiny, there to begin a new chapter in a journey of self-introspection. He writes of the three good Mexican friends he treasures, Gerardo, Ramon and Jorge, who all lent him a great deal of support and belief to his efforts to write and reach deep levels of expression. How did he find his true self in a faraway land?

Liberation also opens a door for others seeking the meaning of life. Sometimes fate plays a role that can change our life forever, but only if we are liberated enough to take a chance.


Praises for Liberation                                                                               

I have had the pleasure of reading Shogo’s book LIBERATION and I was both amazed and inspired. Shogo has a rare talent that I have not seen in any other writer. He is the most honest and forthright person in whom I have the pleasure of knowing. I received the book on Friday and could not put it down I finished it on Sunday and was saddened that it had ended. I cannot wait till his second work of art is released. I consider myself blessed with being able to call this man a friend and fellow artist.  Keep up the great work of inspiring us all and most important be true to yourself.

With admiration and respect,

– Dawson C. Walton, author, Dreams


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Shogo is a talented writer whose use of the English language enhances the story in a delightful and refreshing way. By frequently comparing life in emotionally cold Japan to the warmth of Mexico and its people, Shogo invites the reader to think harder about the meaning of life. His words flow like a spring stream in the mountains heading for the coast. I found his energy and passion for living infectious; and I admire his honesty. This is a ‘must read’ book for anyone contemplating enlightenment.

 – Sophie Boswell Author of “The Power of Feng Shui: Living Proof”

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