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Mexican Rhapsody - Having A Second Chance

Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance is a record of a man who undertakes the sacred pilgrimage of singing his song to his tune, determining to go through a life of challenging social dogmas and be punished more than enough. Shogo is an artist, a seeker, and a confessor, obliged to sincerity.

Moreover, this is a book of his journey of redemption with his three Mexican friends, who succour him in following his private destiny ultimately. They allow him to redeem himself of his great crime – not living life to the fullest. He calmly burnes the bridge behind him and resolutely starts walking on the road that God prepares for him. He is emancipated.

Mexican Rhapsody clearly depicts about the importance of having good friends in one’s life and is a champion of friendship. And to cap it off, this book shows that if one believes in himself ultimately and never gives up, someday miracles will indeed occur.

Shogo wrote this book artfully with flowing prose and profound personal insights, this uplifting novel delves into the rich life and culture of Mexico, following author Shogo Onoe’s remarkable story as he casts aside his old life in Japan for the vibrant cities and landscapes of Central America. Shogo have also written a book for finding true meaning of life, Liberation – Seeking The Meaning Of life.

Mexican Rhapsody Reviews

“If you’re looking for an inspiring read with a message of hope, look no further than Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance.” – Sue E, NetGalley Reviewer