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Why Is Freedom Important?

I have realized why freedom is important in our lives. I have always longed for being free from the modern society systems and social farce in my whole life. I am not talking about financial freedom. I am talking about the regimented unemotional social systems, which is accepted without question by most people around the world. As a matter of fact, a bunch of the rules we obey nowadays have no real foundations. They are sheer nonsense. These rules are also reasons to a question “why does life suck?“.

 We’ve forgotten the importance of freedom. We have just obeyed these rules, which have been currently practiced, without thinking whether they make any sense and respect for individual conditions as a human being. And guess what? – If we listen to our hearts and decided to behave differently, we are considered mad, insane, and immature. 

You can also read life purpose books to know the true purpose of life and importance of freedom in life. However, we have freedom to choose to behave differently according to our conscience and think if the current practiced rules make us happy. If you feel being restricted and unhappy, you had better start behaving differently according to your heart’s prompt and own conscience to be happy each day. We are not tamed animals. We are human beings with feelings and freedom. We have freedom to choose to behave who we truly are. Furthermore, I believe that having freedom makes us happy. Therefore, freedom is extremely important to our lives. So, why don’t you start using your own freedom to choose to become who you truly are all the time, instead of being coerced to behave exactly like everyone else?

What Is the Meaning of Freedom?

Having freedom makes you feel happy, while being restricted makes you feel unhappy. But, why haven’t most people practiced their freedom to be happy? This is because most people don’t have courage to follow their own rules. They always think what other people think of them if they start behaving differently. It is so sad to see that most people don’t practice the advantage of having their own freedom to choose to stop obeying the rules which they do not agree with. So, what is freedom?  That is one of the crucial questions in our lives. I have constantly thought about what the meaning of freedom is to understand life more and I have some inklings of the meaning of freedom that I believe.

What is the meaning of freedom? Having a lot of money to buy or do whatever one fancies is anything to do with freedom? Or having no longer need to be a slave for a daily job anymore is anything to do with freedom? Or having a lot of time for oneself is anything to do with freedom? I do not think so. True freedom means freeing yourself. It is required to take the form of leaving yourself open to all kinds of new experiences, which means that one should need to forget preconceived ideas so that he can be absolutely free. And most importantly, one ought to perceive what his heart tells him. He ought to realize what he truly wants to do from the bottom of his heart for the rest of his life. He ought to make a pure effort to strive for his goal. He ought to become a slave for his dreams and he ought to accept his unique destiny unquestioningly and walk on his true path relentlessly. Yes, I am willing to admit that I am a slave of my mission as a writer, and I am sincerely proud of being my own slave. Moreover, I have made a rigid program for myself and disciplined it unswervingly for years. In other words, I am a champion of discipline.


Everyone Has Freedom to Choose Their Own Destiny

Having your own freedom is the key to enjoy your life. Life is only one time; therefore, you had better use your own free will to do what you are passionate about every single day and resolutely walk on your own unique road for the rest of your life. This is because if you walk on the same road that everyone chooses to walk on, you will be restricted and constantly feel bored. You will be exactly like everyone else and live the same kind of monotonous life for the rest of your life. “Do you want to be exactly like everyone else? Do you want to repeat living the same humdrum life for 80 years? Or do you want to walk on your unique destiny to see the different life from everyone else?” 


You have your own freedom to choose which roads you are willingly to walk on. And I bet that you want to walk on your own unique path. Use your own freedom to choose to follow your own unique destiny to make your unique history.


I have written two books about the journey of practicing free will to choose unique destiny and finding freedom:


Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life is a story of one man’s journey of becoming who he truly is and walking on his private destiny relentlessly. And most importantly, this is a book of friendship.


Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance is a record of a man who undertakes the sacred pilgrimage of singing his song to his tune, determining to go through a life of challenging social dogmas and be punished more than enough. 

Shogo is an artist, a seeker, and a confessor, obliged to sincerity.

Life Is Supposed to Be Fun

If you don’t use your freedom to begin what you really want to do for the rest of your life, you will remain unhappy and feel something missing in your life all the time. If you don’t use your freedom to start becoming what you are supposed to be, you will constantly feel depressed, dispirited, and dejected since you are wasting the gift that God has bequeathed you. Every human being has his or her unique gift to be shined, so why don’t you start using your own free will to cultivate your own special gift? Stop thinking what other people think of you and listening to other people’s gossips, for you don’t need to prove and explain anything to anyone: You have things to do for your happiness. You have freedom to choose to listen to your heart attentively, instead of listening to other people’s gossips to waste your energy.

People who gossip about you is nothing to do their lives and their lives are boring. Therefore, they gossip about you when you use your freedom to be becoming true yourself to enjoy your life to the fullest. They are jealous of you. Let people gossip about you, for giving your ears to jealous people is wasting your precious time; you must concentrate on doing what you are supposed to do for your dear life every single day. You have the power of your own free will to choose.

And then, you will know how happy you are every day. Always remember that you have freedom to choose what you want to be, so enjoy the process of becoming what you want to be.




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