Best Books To Read in 2023

1. Best Books to Read for Having Best Your Life in 2023

There are many books to be available nowadays, but I believe that only few books have the power to inspire you to start living the life that you have always wanted to live, motivate you to begin doing what you have always wanted to do, and embolden you to become true yourself all the time. In addition, I believe that literature has the power to change people’s hearts and minds.

Life is only one time, so it is crucial for you to enjoy your life and living your best life every single day. And most importantly, you had better follow your heart to chase after your dream and find out what you want to do for the rest of your life. I have three books in my mind for you to read in this glorious year so that you can be enlightened and encouraged to bring your true color to the light:

Son of Friendship trilogy

Liberation – Sometimes fate plays a role in our life that changes forever. Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of life is the story of how Japanese author Shogo Onoe was sent to Mexico, quite by surprise, and begun a new chapter in his journey of self-identity and realization. Shogo is an artist, a seeker, and a confessor, obligated to truth and sincerity. By comparing life in emotionally cold Japan to the warmth of Mexico and its people, Shogo invites the reader to think harder about the meaning of life in an attempt to spark a revolution in people’s hearts and minds.

Mexican Rhapsody – With his Mexican friends’ help, far away from his own country, Shogo has finally started living his life to the fullest. He regretted how much time has been squandered away in unfruitful efforts, misconceptions, and inactiveness in living in the wrong way; and, however, he treasured life, how much he sinned against his heart and spirit. Living in Mexico and enjoying life with his Mexican friends make him re-realize that life is a gift and happiness, every single moment can be an eternity of bliss, and the importance of friendship. He has determined to enjoy every single moment by doing what he loves the most for the rest of his life and vowed to himself that he never squanders away and will never squander away his precious time by doing what his heart detests. Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance is a story of a man who walks on his private destiny ultimately and brings his uniqueness to the world with joy.

Dance to Dreams – This book is Shogo’s personal story how he has begun walking on the path to begin true to himself – how he has learned to trust his feelings and guts instead of his mind and intelligence – how he has trained himself to recognize the importance of making a right choice, so that he would not regret his past decision, and he would not ask himself a poignant question over and over, “Things would’ve been different if I had said ‘Yes’ to my heart, instead of listening to other people’s opinions, instead of regarding society’s eyes.

And most importantly, Dance to Dreams will inspire you to unlock the courage to follow your dreams and stop saying no to a better life.

2. The Reason Why Liberation Is One of the Best Books to Read in 2023

Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life encourages you to follow your dream and walk on your private destiny relentlessly. Also, it makes you introspect yourself earnestly if you are satisfied with your current circumstances; if you have a passion what you are doing daily; if you submissively work 5 days a week like a robot so that you can earn monthly salary; and if you feel happy and alive each day. In addition, it makes you think about the meaning of life harder and importance of having true friends in one’s life.

Izzy Vega, the reviewer, said, “I found Liberation very interesting and reflective, throughout the book I was finding advice to appreciate and see life in a new way. It opened my mind, it filled me with hope, desire and the need to search and discover my life mission, to fulfill my dreams. To follow the signs that God sends you, and know that there are second chances. It’s a light and worthwhile to reads, Full of treasures.”

If you wish to change your life and start doing what you are passionate about, read Liberation to be inspired to follow your dreams come hell or high water. Time is running away faster than you think, so don’t waste your time anymore. You should start doing what you have always wanted to do today; not tomorrow, but today. 

Moreover, I believe that working 5 days a week with a job one detests and doing job which makes him miserable in order to go on living that is go on doing things he despises doing, which are completely wasting his precious time on this delightful earth. I also believe that better to have a short life that is full of what one loves doing every single day than a long life spent in a miserable way to punish himself for the rest of his life.

Read Liberation to learn the process of a man liberating himself from the place where he does not want to belong to start living his own life in his own sweet way.

3. The Reason Why Mexican Rhapsody Is One of the Best Books to Read in 2023

In order to embark on the journey of turning your dream into a reality, you must believe in yourself and your power ultimately. Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance constantly talks about how important for you to believe in yourself and become true yourself all the time. This book depicts the process of becoming who you are meant to be and motivates you to shine your uniqueness and walk on your unique path relentlessly.

Donovan, Sr, Reviewer, Midwest Book Review said, “Mexican Rhapsody turns the traditional travelogue on end as it incorporates all these facets into a lively survey of relationships and experiences. While some would be surprised at its description as a ‘novel’ despite its reality-driven basis, this serves to reflects Onoe’s ability to represent the drama and changes inherent in everyday experiences and interconnected lives. The result takes pieces of different genres to incorporate their strongest qualities into a story of discovery, change, and faith. It’s a winning biographical novel of exploration and enlightenment that lingers in the mind long after reading and deserves a place in libraries strong in cross-cultural and faith-based revelations alike.”

Mexican Rhapsody will inspire you to live the life that you have always wanted to live and start living each day as if it were the first day and last day of your life. And most importantly, it is a book of friendship.

Izzy Vega, the reviewer, said, “There is a conversation in chapter 6 between Gerardo and Shogo, and the truth is that those words totally reached my heart, the friendship that exists between them is very special, and the way in which they support and are sincere with each other, it’s something very nice to read.”

Read Mexican Rhapsody to discover the power of friendship and start believing in your power, no matter what.

4. The Reason Why Dance to Dreams Is One of the Best Books to Read in 2023

Do you want to change your life? Do you want to follow your heart and pursue your dream relentlessly to live a more meaning and satisfying life? Then you got read Dance to Dreams: Making the Right Choice to be inspired. As a beautiful read for who is struggling to chase a dream, or anyone afraid to step out of the crowd and dare to live fearlessly, Dance to Dreams is a deeply moving book that offers readers of all backgrounds a refreshing glimpse of the life-changing possibilities that are within our reach.

Sue, E, NetGalley Reviewer said, “As I immersed myself in Shogo Onoe’s captivating story, I felt an instant connection to his courageous pursuit of his dreams and his escape from the confines of Japanese culture. The book is filled with vivid anecdotes, personal reflections, and eye-opening critiques that challenged me to rethink my own beliefs and take bold steps towards my aspirations.”

Moreover, Abigail L, Librarian said, “Interspersed with the story of his Japanese friend’s bold move to Guatemala after just four days in Mexico, Dance to Dreams challenges us to see the countless possibilities that lie beyond our ordinary confines. A beautifully written read, this novel is a soul-stirring reminder for anyone striving to chase a dream or daring to live fearlessly, presenting life-changing possibilities within reach.”

Are you ready to discover how you can follow your dreams? Then read Dance to Dreams to embark on the journey of following your heart and dreams today!

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