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How To Live Your Best Life

We are all going to die eventually, and life is only one time, so why shouldn’t we live our best lives each day? That is always in my mind. I have eternally tried to live my best life each given day so that I can be happy, I can enjoy my life to the fullest, and will have no regret when I turn back to look at my life. Life is too short to squander away one’s time, so I prefer taking a risk for what I have always wanted to do in my life than not taking a risk to live the same life for 80 years.

For that reason, I quit my job and went to Mexico for living the artist’s life relentlessly and determining to write my very first book. As a result, I wrote Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life, which is s a poignant and thoughtful book that offers ample food for thought, delving deeper than your average travel biography into questions that cut to the heart of the human condition. It challenges and encourages readers to think harder about living their lives at best and to commit to staying true to themselves no matter what others think.

Furthermore, I believe that when one tries to do something he desperately wants with enthusiasm and faith, and even if he fails to achieve it, he is not a failure. He has just been defeated in his first battle. He just needs to rest for a while and then embarks on fighting for his dream anew, because getting his dream is a lifelong journey. Patience is the key to achieve one’s dream and living best life. On the contrary, being a failure means that someone who never takes a risk to fight for his dream; he expects nothing but keep living the same life over and over: Failure is a lifelong choice. Consequently, people, who always take a risk to follow their hearts and dreams despite of their fears and doubts, live their best lives each day.

Don’t You See the World To Live Best Life

If you like adventures and want to see different way of lives, why don’t you start knocking about the world forthwith? Life is only one time, so why don’t you wait to see the world till the age of retirement? As a matter of fact, it is not the same thing. It is totally different matter when you travel around the world to see different cultures and meet interesting people at young age to make your life best and better. And most importantly, age doesn’t make you wise, but having experiences does. Experiences are everything and they make your life better and best. 

Moreover, time has elapsed as fast as a lightning bolt. In fact, time goes by faster than you think. If you want to live your best life, you should travel around the world occasionally to see different cultures, learn new things, and make friends form different countries. You need adventures to enjoy your life. When you start knocking about the world, many unexpected things will happen to you, and you will feel alive each day. If you really want to see the world, just buy a flight ticket to embark on a journey of living your best life today. Live your life as if it were your last day on this delightful earth. Tomorrow will be no guaranteed, so just enjoy today while you have time to do so.

Life Is a Gift, Live It Well

God has bequeathed a special gift on you, so why don’t you start becoming who you are meant to be and living your best life with joy each day? Life is a gift, so you had better do one thing only. What you have always wanted to do. Do not postpone doing what you love to do for the rest of your life and do not make excuses such as, I will start it tomorrow, I will start it when I can save more money, I will start it when my kids are growing older, I will start it when my job becomes less hectic, now is not really right time for me to start it but I will definitely start it when the right time comes that all I know of, and so on and so forth. You can make million excuses not to do it. So, my question is, “When are you going to be ready to start living your best life each day?” You will be never ready, my friends. You just start living your best life each day by doing what you’ve always wanted to do, then you will be ready along the journey of becoming who you are meant to be.

Life is a gift, so do not fritter away your precious time on this earth. And most importantly, do not have regrets in the future such as, I should have done what I have always dreamt of while I had time to do so, but it is too late for me to start it over now; I don’t understand what this life is all about; and so on. You must start living your best life today by doing what you love the most every single day so that you will have no regret for your life.

Money Does Not Bring Peace to One’s Life

Having a lot of money doesn’t help you live your best life. Having a lot of money without purpose in your life makes you feel depressed and empty all the time. On the contrary, once you start doing what you love the most and want to do for the rest of your life, and even if you cannot earn money as much as you want, you will be definitely happy and feel satisfied and alive each day. Hence, if you start becoming who you truly are and doing what you love the most each day, you can live your best life.

I wrote a book which describes how I have lived my best life each day. Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance will touch your heart, encouraging you to refuse to be inauthentic and stay true to what you really feel. This biography is a beautiful breath of fresh air, serving as a rallying cry that will inspire you to liberate yourself from soul-destroying situations and pursue a life of light, meaning, and joy.

Correspondingly, I am so sure of that you are now ready to commit yourself to do what you have always wanted to do so that you will become who you are meant to be and live your best life each day for the rest of your life. Cheers!

Now you know how to live your best life: Doing what you love every single day, being true to yourself all the time, and sharing your life with your friends and beloved ones, then you will live a better life for the rest of your life. 

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