Let’s Have Hope, My Friend!


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“I’m wholeheartedly on the same page with you, my friend,” I was nodding understandingly. “I really think you’re right about them. Sometime ago greater and prouder things were needed to conquer women’s heart, but they have lost righteous pride, moral strength, and priceless simplicity. But what can we do about it? There is actually nothing to do about it; the only thing is to keep the loss within limits. Maybe, we still have a chance to find a pure woman in the four corners of earth and will meet her someday, perhaps? Who knows? Let’s have hope, my friend!”

“I hope so, my friend. I really wish you’re right about it. However, I must warn you, Shogo, it’ll be goddamn difficult for us to find a pure woman more than winning a lottery ticket, trust me on that score.”

“Ha-ha-ha, just try to be more optimistic, my friend. By the way, I’m beginning to realize the unpleasant fact about ten years ago. Do you remember when Brazilian organized the trip for Vancouver Island? And it was only for Brazilians, so we were excluded.”

“Are you still talking about ten years ago, you, sentimental idiot? Of course, I remember it,” he was laughing.

“You know, Gerardo, what I’ve realized just now? I guess they had orgy there. I really think they fornicated with each other, what do you think?”

“I think so, my friend. Unfortunately, you’re on the right track. I truly believe they had orgy there. I’m sorry, my friend. But thank God, Maria didn’t join them!” he stressed the last words passionately.


I Admire Her Pride


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While we were driving to the night club, he started talking his eternal theme again, “Shogo, you know, I read a book about a woman confessing her innermost feelings. I did not remember the title of book and her name either, but it gave me the tremendous impact. I remember that she was a Norwegian – I used to call her Frue. Righteous. Anyway, it set in the beginning of ninety century. She was married and happened to love another man. She wanted to have an affair with that man, but her conscience didn’t allow her cheating on her husband. She described her emotional struggle intensely in the book, and she heroically fought for the temptation. At the end she overcame it and arose from it gloriously – she had a happy life with her husband. What I’m trying to say here is that women were not bitches a long time ago. I admire her pride to the blue heaven. I think it is beautiful and admirable. I’m so disappointed in modern women, you know. It is hardly correct to say that women are corrupt; they have simply reached a certain degree of hollowness; they have degenerated and grown small. What makes me lamentable the most is that they sniff at everything and give everybody the willing glance – they are happily deflowered at the very first opportunity. I really think my mom never cheats on my father. She takes care of family, cocking, household, and above of all, faithful to my father. However, modern women are unable to resist temptation and able to cheat on us, without any guilty conscience. They’ve lost their dignity and become shallow. I miss Frue. Righteous’ dignity!”

Why Can’t You Just Let It Go?


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I stood up, approached the window, and looked at passers-by on the street remorsefully for a while. And said, “Let’s go eat something and then go to your meeting. You just ruined my creative mood. I can’t write anything today with this doleful feeling.”

“Pardon me, my friend. It was not my intention to make you sad. Give me a few seconds to dress up for meeting, and we go. Anyway, I still don’t comprehend one thing. It was ten years ago, so why are you so upset? Why are you becoming too emotional? Why can’t you just let it go?”

“Idiot! You should remember that some people forget about their loved one for just a year, but I’ve treasured her in my heart for ten years!” I growled with tears still in my eyes.

When we hit the street, we could see the beginning of sunset. It was comfortable weather, and I could feel that a soft breeze was caressing my bear arms. However, the grey clouds were starting to appear on the sky, as though they mirrored my heart.

You Just Don’t Get It!


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It was ten years ago, and it was so silly though, I could not prevent from hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

“What? Are you weeping, my friend?” he was totally surprised and looked at me guiltily.

After a brief pause, he carried on, “Why, man? It was ten years ago. I’ve already warned you many times that you should stop putting Clarissa high up. She is just a modern woman who cheats on her boyfriend easily, without any guilty conscience. She is just like other cotemporary women – that’s all, my friend.”

“Numskull!” I roared emotionally. “You just don’t get it. She was actually high up! You just ruined my beautiful memory. It’s all over now, thanks to you!”

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t want to make you sad. But you shouldn’t destroy your beautiful memories with her all at once; you had indeed spent a wonderful time with her. I’m just saying that it doesn’t mean she didn’t love you, since she cheated on you. She loved you, I know my friend. Just modern women are like that, so you shouldn’t take it to your heart, my friend.”

She Never Dared to Kiss Another Guy!


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I asked a cigarette and let him light it for me. And then I expressed my feeling, “It was the awful night for us, and I’m sincerely sorry for you; nevertheless, I was lucky, since I did not see my loved one’s unfaithful act with my own eyes; on the other hand, you saw Maria kissing. And to cap it all, you were dating with her that night. I’m sorry, but it was so preposterous. By the way, I thoroughly understand why Clarissa kissed another guy; it was kind of my fault, you know….”

“What are you insinuating, Shogo? Stop idolizing Clarissa, since she cheated on you. Did you listen to what I just told you? You were cheated, my friend!”

“No, no, Gerardo, you don’t understand anything,” I was shaking my head. “It was completely my fault, for I left her in the vulnerable position at the first place. She asked me to stay in Vancouver, but I went to Montreal. Hence, she felt so forlorn. Her loneliness caused her to act in the impromptu fashion, so to speak – it was natural behavior. Any psychologists can prove it, and I have a big heart enough to understand it. I take every responsibility on my shoulders for her action like a man.”

“Oh my God! Are you nuts? Shogo, please wake up and stop raving, I beg you,” he was wringing his right hand deprecatingly and went on, “no, my friend, you’re delusional. I don’t want you to feel bad, but I have to tell you the fact. She wasn’t pure, as you think. And it was not after Montreal, my friend, it was before Montreal.”

“Son of bitch, stop lying to me!” I cried out. “I know it was after Montreal; otherwise, she never dared to kiss another guy!”

“No, you’re fatally wrong, my friend. You’re still in fool’s paradise. I’m right – it was before Montreal. I remember it vividly and will never forget it, since that night was indeed our first date after Maria officially became my girlfriend. Sorry, my friend.”