why do I hate my life

Why Do I Hate My Life Best Tips To Manage This Situation

why do I hate my life

Why Do You Hate Your Life?

I am wondering how many people in our contemporary time say genuinely, “Oh, I love my life so much.” This is because I have often heard of people saying vexedly, “I really hate my life.” It is a sad reality in our contemporary life unfortunately. Or I should say, “It’s a modern pandemic.” When I turn back to look at the past, I hated my life when I worked 5 days a week like a slave with the job I despised. People will forever hate their lives as long as they continue doing what they don’t like every day. There is no escape from this dreadful feeling unless you must figure out what you love and do every single day what you are passionate about.

I wrote the duology (Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life and Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance), which depicts about how I quit a job I detested and started living the life that I have always wanted to live. In these books, I describe the importance of having true friends in your life, the importance of bring your true color to light, the importance of being true to yourself, the importance of stop lying to yourself, the importance of showing your uniqueness to the world, and the importance of becoming who you truly are all the time. And above all, chasing after your dream come hell or high water and enjoying life by doing what you love the most are essential things to make you feel alive and happy every single day.

At any rate, if you feel unhappy and hate your life, the first thing you should do is introspecting yourself earnestly: Whether you love what you are doing every day or detest what you are doing every day. If you dislike what you are doing every day, change it immediately. Not tomorrow, but today! Time is running away faster than you think. In order to be happy, you must do only one thing from now on: Live the life that you have always wanted to live. And that will make all the difference.  

Start Walking on Your Private Destiny Relentlessly

You always hate and will always hate your life as long as you try to be like everybody else. Life is only one time, so why don’t you start walking on your private destiny to enjoy being who you truly are? When you follow crowds and walk on a road that everyone else is marching on, you will hate your life. This is because you are not living on your unique life; you are living on someone else’s life. 
You were born to be unique with an original gift, so why don’t you bring your uniqueness to light and enjoy improving your original gift daily? This is because God did not create a single leaf the same another for in all the woods and forests. As long as you try to be like everyone else and follow crowds to the same destination, you will hate your life and feel unimaginably unhappy all the time, for it is simply a distortion of nature and goes against God’s law.

Life will unveil a mystery when you start walking on your private destiny ultimately and make you see infinite possibility in your life when you embrace your uniqueness and original gift wholly. You will experience how you constantly feel happy and alive each day when you determine to become who you truly are every single day. Ergo, enjoy walking on your private destiny and making your own history on this delightful earth. Then, you will no longer hate your life but love your dear life with much enthusiasm. 

Making a Right Choice

You ought to understand the importance of making a right choice to change your unsatisfied life. This is because every single choice brings you a result of who you are and what you have become up to the present day. Every single choice you have made in your life causes a present-day situation you are being in, whether you like it or not.

As a matter of a fact, my new book (Dance to Dreams: Making the Right Choice, which is scheduled to be released around the beginning of July) depicts how I have begun on the path for being true myself; how I have learned to trust my feelings and guts, instead of my mind and intelligence; how I have trained myself to recognize the importance of making a right choice, so that I would not regret my past decision and I would not ask myself a poignant question over and over, “Things would’ve been different if I had said “Yes” to my heart, instead of listening to other people’s opinions, instead of regarding to society’s eyes.

Life is consistent of a series of choices that determines your future and destiny. You must be careful of making a choice because one carless, submissive, and thoughtless choice has the power to ruin your life forever. In order to avoid the trap of hating your life and being unhappy in your daily life, you must train yourself to make your own decision. And most importantly, you must not allow other people to decide what you are supposed to do for the rest of your life.

Do What You Love Every Single Day

As I mentioned before – most people hate their lives nowadays because they are doing what they don’t like every single day. I believe that doing what you hate every single day is the worst punishment you have to go through in your life. It is actually wasting your time for nothing. In order to escape from the trap of hating your life and feeling unhappy all the time, you must stop doing what you dislike and start doing what you are passionate about.

I know that living in the current society system, you need money to support yourself or your family in order to go on living. However, working 5 days a week with a job you detest and doing a job which makes you miserable in order to go on living that is to go on doing things you despise doing, which are completely wasting your precious time on this delightful earth. More than that, which is inscrutably stupid! It is better to have a short life that is full of what one loves doing every single day than a long life spent in a miserable way to punish yourself for the rest of your life.

You might ask, “What is wrong with the world and life?” The world is not wrong, and life is not wrong either; people are wrong because they have been submissively waving a white flag to the current society system and accepting cowardly, “Life is eternal suffering.” Most people work 5 days a week with jobs they detest in order to go on living, which makes them miserable. And that is why they are unhappy.

Consequently, if you hate your life, you should not waste your limited time on this green earth for doing what you detest and reuse to live a long life spent in a miserable way to punish yourself for the rest of your life. If you wish to be happy and alive each day, start doing what you have always wanted to do. And then, you will be fine.

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