Why Imperfection Is Beautiful and How to Celebrate on Your Uniqueness

1. Imperfection Is Beautiful

You were born to be unique with an original gift, so why don’t you shine your uniqueness on the world to cabrerite on your originality? As long as you want to be perfect, nobody will be attracted to you since perfection is boring. And most importantly, having flaws, defects, faults, and weakness makes you more attracted and interested. Why? This is because these precise things make us as human beings. If you don’t have any flaws, defects, faults, and weakness, you are not a human being; you are a goddamn robot. Who will attract to a robot that is always give you perfect answers and behave perfectly with an unemotional trait? Nobody will be attracted to you unless you have your uniqueness, human flaws, and sparkling emotions and passions.


Why do you voluntarily try to be the same as everyone else to kill your uniqueness? Why don’t you become who you truly are and bring your uniqueness to light all the time to enjoy your life to the fullest? Because you want to be perfect for the society’ eyes? Because you are afraid of other people’s opinions if you bring your uniqueness to light? If so, you are unwittingly heading to the wrong direction: you are voluntarily liquidating your own uniqueness, day by day. You are liquidating only one thing that makes you special and beautiful. If you coerce yourself to be the same as everyone else to pretend to be perfect, it will make you less attractive and colorless. This is because pretending to be the same as everyone else is a distortion of nature and goes against God’s law, for in all the world’s woods and forests, He did not create a single leaf the same as another.


In addition, I wrote the duology (Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life and Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance), which cerebrates on one’s uniqueness and imperfection. These books depict how stopping to pretend to be the same as everyone else makes you free from a monotonous prison; how showing your uniqueness to the world every single day makes you feel happy and alive; how embracing your uniqueness wholeheartedly makes you look more human; and how marching on your own unique destiny relentlessly makes you more attractive and beautiful.


As a result, you had better start celebrating on having the courage to be different, instead of trying to be the same as everyone else to be perfect. You had better embrace your imperfection wholeheartedly and enjoy becoming who you truly are all the time: Totally unique individual with a heart. And that will make you shine radiantly like a distant star.

2.Cerebrate on Your Uniqueness

You should cerebrate on your uniqueness each morning by showering your true color on the world. You were born to be unique with an original gift, and this is your obligation to improve your original gift and cultivate your uniqueness daily. As a matter of fact, if you don’t embrace your uniqueness wholeheartedly and start walking on your unique path relentlessly, your life will be humdrum continuation without any adventures. You had better realize that you will be shined luminously once you have started becoming who you truly are all the time and bring your uniqueness to light boldly. Moreover, you should not pretend to be everyone else because it will annihilate your uniqueness eventually. You are so unique and no single human being in the world looks like you completely. No single human being can match with your uniqueness and bequeathed gift, for you are totally an original being. In short, you should take the advantage of your uniqueness, show the world what an awesome human being you are, and embrace your uniqueness wholeheartedly.

If you don’t know how you can grasp your uniqueness and original gift, I will give you a clue of how to fathom your uniqueness and original gift. You should try to find what your inner voice tells you, try to find what you want to do for the rest of your life, and try to believe in your unique personality. Then, you will start to comprehend what your heart desires the most, what your special gift is, and how powerful you are once you have accepted who you truly are.

I absolutely believe that we have only one obligation to fulfill: We should realize who we truly are. Every single person has his or her own uniqueness, so one should discover own unique being and respect his or her individuality. And I believe that any school should teach students how to improve their own unique personalities and improve their unique gifts. I think that education is not just remembering and memorizing. Education means understanding the subject. One should understand a subject and should have his or her own opinions as well. The education system should cultivate students’ uniqueness, encourage their own unique ability, and support recognize their unique potency at maximum. And most importantly, teach students how to cerebrate on their uniqueness so that they will know that becoming who they truly are all the time is not a crime, but a gift.

Furthermore, my new book, “Dance to Dreams: Making the Right Choice”, is scheduled to be published in the beginning of July. This books depicts about people who has the courage to be different to walk on their own unique paths with joy and how embracing their imperfections by cerebrating their uniqueness changes their miserable existence to happy existence: Having escaped from the suffocating grip of Japanese culture to pursue his dreams of being a writer, author and Japanese ex-pat Shogo Onoe continues his story in this thought-provoking autobiographical novel, recounting the rich culture and amazing people that he befriended beyond the confines of his native homeland.

Lastly, I would like you to celebrate on only one person, a lone individual who has utterly unique, has the courage to be different by embracing his or her imperfection, and enjoys improving their uniqueness to shower his or her original gift on the world daily. I would like you to celebrate on only single being because he or she is totally unique and absolutely nothing in common with anyone else: Yourself. In this morning, I would like you to sing a celebrate song upon that which you are. I hope that you should triumphantly cerebrate on your uniqueness and individuality every single bright new day.

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