Why Do I Hate My Life? Best Tips for Managing the Situation

Why Do You Hate Your Life?

I wonder how many people in our contemporary time genuinely say, “Oh, I love my life so much.” This is because I have often heard people saying vexedly, “I really hate my life.” It is a sad reality in our contemporary life, unfortunately. Or I should say, “It’s a modern pandemic.”

Reflecting on the past, I detested my life when I was working five days a week in a job I loathed, feeling like a slave to the routine. People will forever hate their lives as long as they continue doing what they don’t like every day. There is no escape from this dreadful feeling unless you figure out what you love and do every single day what you are passionate about.

I wrote the trilogy Song of Friendship, which depicts how I quit a job I detested and started living the life that I have always wanted to live. In these books, I discuss the importance of having true friends, bringing your true colors to light, being true to yourself, stopping lying to yourself, showing your uniqueness to the world, and becoming who you truly are all the time. And above all, chasing after your dream come hell or high water and enjoying life by doing what you love the most are essential things to make you feel alive and happy every single day.

At any rate, if you feel unhappy and hate your life, the first thing you should do is introspect yourself earnestly, whether you love what you are doing daily or detest what you are doing daily. If you dislike what you are doing every day, change it immediately. Not tomorrow, but today! Time is running away faster than you think. In order to be happy, you must do only one thing from now on: Live the life that you have always wanted to live – and that will make all the difference. 

Start Walking on Your Private Destiny Relentlessly

If you keep trying to be just like everyone else, you’ll always be unhappy with your life. Life is a one-time adventure, so why not start walking your own path and enjoy being yourself? When you follow the crowd and do what everyone else is doing, you’ll end up hating your life because you’re not living your own unique journey; you’re living someone else’s. You were born to be unique with an original gift, so why don’t you bring your uniqueness to light and enjoy improving your original gift daily?

Life will unveil a mystery when you start walking on your private destiny ultimately and make you see infinite possibility in your life when you embrace your uniqueness and original gift wholeheartedly. You will experience how you constantly feel happy and alive each day when you are determined to become who you truly are every single day. For that reason, you had better enjoy walking on your private destiny and making your own history on this delightful earth. Then, you will no longer hate your life but love your dear life with much enthusiasm. 

Making the Right Choice

You ought to understand the importance of making the right choice to change your unsatisfied life. This is because every single choice brings you a result of who you are and what you have become up to the present day. Every single choice you have made in your life causes a present-day situation you are being in, whether you like it or not.

As a matter of fact, I describe in Dance to Dreams: Making the Right Choice how I have begun walking on the path to being true to myself – how I have learned to trust my feelings and guts instead of my mind and intelligence – how I have trained myself to recognize the importance of making a right choice, so that I would not regret my past decisions, and I would not ask myself a poignant question over and over, “Things would’ve been different if I had said ‘Yes’ to my heart, instead of listening to other people’s opinions, instead of regarding society’s eyes.”

Life is consistent with a series of choices that determine one’s future and destiny. You must be careful of making a choice because one careless, submissive, and thoughtless choice has the power to ruin your life forever. In order to avoid the trap of hating your life and being unhappy in your daily life, you must train yourself to make your own decisions. Most importantly, you must not allow other people to decide what you are supposed to do for the rest of your life.

Do What You Love Every Single Day

As I mentioned before – most people hate their lives nowadays because they are doing what they don’t like every single day. I believe that doing what you hate every single day is the worst punishment you have to go through in your life. It is actually wasting your time for nothing. In order to escape from the trap of hating your life and feeling unhappy all the time, you must stop doing what you dislike and start doing what you are passionate about.

I know that living in this current society system, one needs money to support himself or his family in order to go on living. Even so, I believe that working five days a week at a job you hate is a waste of your precious time on this beautiful earth. It is incredibly stupid! We don’t need a farce! I also believe it is better to have a short life full of what one loves doing every single day than a long life spent in a miserable way to punish himself for the rest of his life.

You might ask, “What is wrong with this world and life? The world is not wrong and life is not wrong either; people are wrong because they have been submissively waving a white flag to the current society system and accepting cowardly, “Life is eternal suffering.” Most people around the world work five days a week at jobs they detest in order to go on living, which makes them miserable. And that is why they are unhappy.

Whenever I reread A Wonder Plays on Muted Strings, tremendous joy shoots through my whole being. Hamsun told us that age does not matter; the most important thing in life is experience. Age confers no maturity; age confers nothing beyond old age. We cannot always be happy; we have to face serious problems and overcome many obstacles since all of these experiences are called life. And every time we encounter happy moments, we feel rewarded for our struggles. So what should we do in our lives? I believe we should enjoy being alive and listen to our hearts to walk on our own private destiny joyfully. In all my life, I have been wandering on earth and enjoying having new experiences. All in all, I have made wonderful friends through my wandering! – That is a special life’s gift and reward! Life is fun to live! Here are enchanting passages from A Wonder Plays on Muted Strings:

A wanderer plays on muted strings when he reaches the age of two score years and ten. That is when he plays on muted strings.

Or I might put it like this:

If he comes too late in the autumn to the woods where the berries grow, why then, he comes to them too late; and if one fine day he no longer feels up to making merry and laughing uproariously from joie de vivre, why then, it must be because he is old; don’t blame him for that! Besides, beyond question, it takes a certain degree of brainlessness to remain permanently contented with oneself and with everything. But favorable moments we all have. A condemned man sits in his thumbnail on the way to the scaffold; a nail in the seat irks him; he shifts position and feels more comfortable.

It is wrong of a captain to ask God to forgive him – as he forgives God. He is simply dramatizing. A wanderer who doesn’t each day find food and drink, clothes and shoes, house and home provided, according to his needs, feels just the right degree of privation when all these splendors are absent. If one thing doesn’t work out, another will. And if that other fails to work out also, he does not go around forgiving God but takes the responsibility himself. He puts his shoulder to the wheel of fortune – that is to say, he bows his back before it. It’s a trifle hard on flesh and blood, it grays the hair horribly; but a wanderer thanks God for life, it was fun to live!

I might put it like that.

Why, in short, all these exacting demands? What have we earned? As many boxes of candy as a sweet tooth could desire? Fair enough. But have we not looked at the world each day and heard the soughing of the forest? There is no splendor like the soughing of the forest.

There was a scent of jasmine in a grove, and a tremor of joy ran through one I know, not for the jasmine but for everything – a lit-up window, a memory, the whole of life. But when he was called away from the grove, he had already been paid in advance for this annoyance.

And there it is: the very favor of receiving life at all is handsome advance payment for all life’s miseries, each single one.

No, a man should not believe in his right to more candy than he gets. A wanderer advise against all superstition. What is life’s? Everything. And what is yours? Is fame? Pray tell us why! A man should not insist on what is “his”; to do so is ludicrous, and a wanderer laughs at anyone so ludicrous. I remember such who never escaped that “his”; his fire at high noon and finally go it to burn in the evening. Then he couldn’t bring himself to leave its warmth for bed, but sat there making the most of it, till others got up again. He was a Norwegian dramatist.

I have wandered around a good deal in my time, and am now grown dull and withered. But I do not hold that perverse graybeard’s belief that I am wiser than I was. And I hope, indeed, that I shall never grow wise; it’s a sign of decrepitude. If I thank God for life, it is not on the strength of any increased maturity that has come with age but because I have always enjoyed being alive. Age confers no maturity; age confers nothing beyond old age.

Consequently, if you find yourself disliking your life, it’s not worthwhile to waste your precious time on this planet by engaging in activities you despise. Don’t condemn yourself to a long, miserable existence as a form of punishment. If you wish to be happy and alive each day, start doing what you have always wanted to do. And then, you will receive life’s reward and see how happy you are with a small daily gift from the above!

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