No More Wasting Time

I was incensed with her rancorous performance. “She made me to stay because of fucking cheese? I have to call and ask them to change the list due to fucking cheese! And then I have to wait more twenty minutes for them to change the list to send me back. It is beyond ludicrous,” I thought to myself furiously. However, I decided to do what she ordered me, so that I wouldn’t waste any time for talking with the mad woman. I composed myself with my best forbearance, swallowed my pride, and made a call to change the list.

I received the new list around 6: 30 p.m. Nothing was changed except blue cheese and the total amount. “At last, I can beat the office!” I forced myself to look at sunny side. As I was about to make a call, once more the dwarf approached me ominously and said insolently, “Show me the list, Shogo san?”

I submissively gave it to her, so that no more wasting time. She brought it back to her desk and scrutinized it again. She ostentatiously took a time to examine it. And then she came back to my desk and hurled another bombshell, “Shogo san, I think you ordered too many potato chips. You need to change some of them to chocolates. You must change the list again. You’d better think what people like. After you are done with it, show it to me again.”



Cream Cheese Is Fine with Me

I received the list around 5: 30 p.m. I was ready to call the confirmation and beat the office immediately. As I tried to make a call, the dwarf was approaching me with her disgusting steps and asked, “Did you check the list, Shogo san?”

“Of course, I did. It was good combination. I’m about to make the confirmation call.”

“Can you show me the list?”


“Because I need to check it,” she replied snobbishly.

Her intention was palpable: she wanted me to do extra work. She always carped that I always beat the office as soon as my times up and never did any extra work. She wanted to torture me and knew that making me do extra work was the severest torture for me. I recognized her evil intention, so I said calmly, “I don’t need to show you the list, for I am charging of ordering snacks on this week. You marshalled me to do it, so I did. I need to make a call and finish the transaction right now. Please excuse me and let me do my job.”


“Shogo san, you still don’t understand anything. I’m controlling the general office; I am your boss, in a way, so to speak. In fact, I’m your superior. Consequently, when I ask you to show me the list, you must give it to me. Otherwise, you can’t make a call and can’t go home!”

With that, she snatched the list from my desk violently and took it to her desk. She took an infinite time to securitize it, circled an item with a red pen, and came back to my desk. And she demanded banefully, “Shogo san, you need to change it. You can see here – I circled it for you. We don’t need cream cheese, but blue cheese. Everyone likes blue cheese. You need to call them to change the list and send it back to us again, so that we can examine it again.”

“What? Are you in a right mind? Do you want me to call them to change the list because of a goddamn cheese? No thank you very much – I won’t do that. Cream cheese is fine with me.”

“No, Shogo san, you have to call and change it because it’s not so good. You should know that everyone likes blue cheese. You can’t leave the office till you change it. Make it happen if you want to go home,” she uttered bombastically and went back to her desk triumphantly.


My Illness Had Been in the Worst Condition

It was a Wednesday around 5:00 p.m. I was thinking only one thing: I would beat the office at 5:30 p.m. sharp. I was so exhausted due to the dwarf, who made me take the early shift on this week. I had been stressed out, and my illness had been in the worst condition. I had to take a special express train that was out of service from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 am. due to the morning rush hour. For that reason, I had to wake up at 5:30 a.m. and took a special express train at 6:47 a.m. It was a matter of time for me to slap the dwarf’s face in order to stop her meanness.

While I was looking forward to beat the office, the dwarf was suddenly announcing her malicious plan, “It’s not fair for me to make a list and order snacks all the time. It is a very hard job. This time I want Shogo san to do it!” And then she ordered me to take care of the list and warned me that I could not go home until I completed the transaction. I was so angry; however, I did not want to waste my time, so I called the grocery store right away, told them about the budget, asked them to make the list as fast as they could handle and send it to me via e-mail forthwith.

Forever Ready to expose My Misbehaviors

Hereafter, I had become her mortal enemy and the target of her maliciousness. She always tried to find out my fault with all her vigilance; she was forever ready to expose my misbehaviors in the office. First, she noticed that I never made any Japanese documents, but only English documents. She told everyone that it was not fair for them, because I did only take care of English documents. It was not my fault, because no one could understand English sufficiently, so I had to make all English documents; however, the dwarf forgot everything and ordered me to make Japanese documents as well. And then she noticed that I occasionally went to the break-room and stayed there over thirty minutes. And it was not my fault either, for many lawyers knew that I spoke English and wanted to talk to me, so some of them naturally became my friends and talked to me every time they ran into me there. She told everyone that I was not doing my job; I always talked to lawyers at the break-room while they were sweating to make documents. Furthermore, she complained me that I never took the early shift and brought pressure to bear upon to take it.

As a result, the irresistible collision happened that I would never forget. The law firm had a wine party every Friday night, and the general office was the charge of a grocery list for the party. We had to order wines and snacks and prepared them at the break-room. The dwarf was the charge of ordering snacks from a grocery store. It was actually too easy job, because she just needed to call them, tell them our budget for the party, and ask them to make a list and send it to us via e-mail. It was so simple, but the dwarf made it complicated. She wanted to choose food by herself; therefore, once she received a list, she scrutinized it from the top to bottom a couple of times and changed the list until every single snack became her taste.

Become Mortal Enemies

A few days later, of course, the dwarf began noticing the change. When she saw Nakao san and Keiko san talking and laughing together, she could not control her jealous anymore and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Stop talking during the office hours! Both of you had better finish copying these documents immediately. Understood?” From this day on, Nakao san and the dwarf had become mortal enemies to each other.

While they were fighting to each other over fatuous things, I was trying to do my best to stay away from horseplay. All in all, I decided not to involve with any of their shameful fights. However, one day I made a grievous mistake to contribute the information which incurred the dwarf’s wrath. From this point forward, she had tried to make my Williams Lea Japan’s life miserable in her every possible way. Here is what happened….

It came to every one’s attention that Keiko san never sat down on her chair during the office hours, but standing up like a soldier all day. When Tom came to the general office for my help, the moribund incident happened. He always asked my help directly without sending his secretary, because he knew that I could speak well English. He naturally noticed that Keiko san always stood at the corner of the office, like a sentinel whenever he visited the general office; he wanted to know why she always stood at the corner of office, while we sat down and did nothing. Thereupon, he asked me about it in English that caught off my guard defenselessly. I thought that the dwarf could not understand any English; therefore, I explained her meanness to Tom by pointing at the dwarf with my index finger and told him that she made Keiko san stand at the corner of the office every day, for she was jealous of Keiko san too much. Tom thought that it was extremely mean and asked me to let Keiko san sit down her chair to relax forthwith. By the same token, he told me to warn the dwarf to stop mistreating her. And then he walked out the general office appallingly.