I’ll Write Like a Madman

“That’s the different matter totally, my friend. I am in love with her, but not the ordinary way if you understand what I’m talking about. I am in love with her spiritually. I understand the spirit of a whore. She is my sweetheart; she is not my girlfriend. That’s the huge difference, Gerardo.”

“Ha-ha-ha, maybe, maybe, if you say so.”

We arrive at the parking area and get out of the car. We walk to the apartment. He suddenly stops in middle of the way and turns to look at my eyes squarely, “Hey Shogo, did you write something today?”

I am a little surprised of his sudden question and reply, “No, I didn’t. Why, Gerardo?”

“Nothing, my friend. I just thought why Shogo hasn’t started writing anything past two weeks. Shogo, why don’t you start writing something? You have a lot of time now and have a place to write.”

“I might start writing next year, Gerardo. Because I have to study, improve myself, and develop my art of writing more. I need more time to get started.”

“Why? You’ve studied about writing for nine years. I think it’s more than enough. You just have to start writing something. It doesn’t matter what you’re going to write. It doesn’t matter if you write nonsense, but the essential thing is that you need to practice writing.”

“Yes, I know, my friend. Let me explain – as you know, I’m going to write in English, so I naturally have to improve my English more because English is not my native language.

Moreover, I need to expand my knowledge as well as gain more experiences. Just wait, my friend. When the right moment comes and when I get divine inspirations, I’ll write like a madman. Just wait and you’ll see, my friend.”

I Am Very Pure as John the Baptizer

“Ha-ha-ha, idiot! Okay, I’ll do it again. I’ll obtain more information from her and try to tell her about your pure side as you wish, ha-ha-ha…. But I don’t get it; why don’t you ask her out by yourself, my friend? You’d better make your move before it’s too late. I’ve already told you that she likes you and wants to do something with you. What are you waiting for? It’s easy for me to ask her out and go out with you together, we three of us. But why don’t you go out with her without me? Why do I have to go with you all the time? Don’t be pussy, man. You just have to go out with her alone and make a move – that’s all, man!”

“Shut up, man! I am very slow. I have a plan. I’m just following my strategy. I want to give her a Christmas present; that will be my first move, my friend. Therefore, I need you to go somewhere with her to obtain some clues of what she likes. I need some ideas for the present. Understood, Shogo? And I don’t know how you always do it, but she thinks you are very pure and a good person, so she somehow trusts you. Consequently, if you tell her about my pure personality, she’ll believe everything, that I am perfectly sure of, my friend. You have the ability of making women believe you are very pure, son of bitch!”

“Ha-ha-ha, of course, I am very pure as John the baptizer. It’s the fact, my friend. Anyway, I’ll do what you’ve asked for.”

“Thanks, my friend. But, Shogo, you are not pure. I still can’t believe how you could say that. You are crude son of bitch, I know you, man. How about Elaine, man! I can’t believe you are in love with her. I know she is very beautiful, funny, and a nice person, but she is a whore to boot. How can you let yourself in love with a whore? Are you crazy? Why Shogo? Tell me why on earth you’re choosing her over Mexican vaginas? I know some of them are in love with you and want to do something. Why Elaine?”

“Watch out your foul mouth, man! She is very nice – I always have a good time when I see her. Right now I don’t want to have a girlfriend, as you know, because of my mission as a writer. I want to concentrate on writing. I don’t need any distraction.”

He lights a cigarette and says, “Shogo, I know you don’t want to have any girlfriends right now, but how about Elaine? Here are your exact words: ‘I don’t want to fall in love with any women and don’t want have any girlfriends.’ But you are in love with her.”

Just Let Her Know I Am a Good Person

Gerardo and I are coming from Antara Polanco, where we watched a movie because we can watch movies cheaply every Wednesday there. He is driving the car and suddenly asking me, “Have you done your mission?”

“What kind of mission? Do I have a new mission?”

“Of course, man! You have a very important mission. You have to ask Andrea out to obtain some information. I want to know what she likes because I’m planning to buy a Christmas present for her. And I want to go out with her again, man!”

I am laughing, “Again, idiot! I’ve been out with her and gotten some information for you a couple of times already; I have asked her out three times past two weeks. We went out together two times, but you didn’t make any move, idiot! What else do you want from me? If you like her so much as you said, why don’t you ask her out by yourself? My mission is over!”

“What? Son of bitch! I let you stay at my apartment free; I’m feeding you. You want me to throw your mattress out from the window? Do you want to sleep on the street tonight? Ha-ha-ha…. I’m asking you a favor, man. Just ask her out again and go somewhere together to get more information. Tell her about my good things – tell her how pure I am. Tell her that I’ve never cheated on any women in my whole life, because she thinks I always change girls and have never fallen in love with anyone sincerely. No, my friend, tell her about Maria – tell her how I was passionately in love with her and how faithful I was. You know about all my love affairs. Just let her know I am a good person. Tell her I’m very pure, and my heart is in the right place.”

Where Is Your Sombrero?

He raises his right hand, “La cuenta, por favor.”

“Shogo, you know, when I was in Canada, my fellow construction workers said foolish things to me and insulted me,” he spills out the ill feeling, “Canadians couldn’t understand why I came to Canada to work as a construction worker, because they thought I was a complete loser in Mexico; they couldn’t realize I went there to work as a construction worker with my own free will. They simply presumed that I couldn’t find any job in my own country because they thought Mexico is the poor country. They thought I hadn’t gotten enough education, and I didn’t have money, so I came to Canada to find an opportunity to start a new life. They thought I was a sorry immigrant. And on top of it all, they congratulated me on getting a job as a construction worker, saying, ‘You have no choice, you have to take this kind of low jobs, because you don’t have any education and can’t speak good English, so it’s impossible for you to get a good job here as well as in Mexico.’ Shogo, I was so mad at them and couldn’t control myself. I know money, education, car, and such material things are nothing and what I said to them was so foolish, but that moment I simply couldn’t control my rage and hurled at them, ‘Look, man, you’d better know I came to Canada and took this job with my own free will. I chose to come here. In Mexico I drove BMW; I had a nice house; I graduated from Tecnologica de Monterrey, which is the best university in Mexico by the way. Also I had a good job and had a good salary in Mexico. I can live better life in Mexico than you, guys, here. I wanted to have a new experience. For that reason, I decided to come here.’ I am ashamed what I said to them now, but that moment I simply couldn’t compose my anger, you know, because most people thinks Mexicans are poor, have no education, and can’t have a good life. This is not true, Shogo. We can have a good life; we have more energy in life than Canadians, Americans, Europeans, and so on. Moreover, they ridiculed me, ‘You, dirty Mexican! Where is your sombrero? Where is your donkey? Where is your mustache?’ I couldn’t accept such insults, so I hit them.”

“No, I don’t believe you. I think you exaggerated it too much. I know you, Jorgito. You are a very peaceful person – you can’t even hurt a fly. No, my friend, I don’t believe you. You didn’t hit them, ha-ha-ha….”

“Shogo, I did! I really hit them! I think you don’t know about me yet,” he says excitedly.

“Yeah, maybe, I don’t know about your aggressive side yet,” I am laughing.

“Shogo, you don’t know about my dangerous side yet, MY DENGEROUS SIDE, ha-ha-ha….”

It’s a Lofty Feeling to Work under the Sun

A bright smile is spreading on his face, and he utters joyfully, “You know, Shogo, the first time I talked to you, I felt so comfortable. Before I met you, I couldn’t be true myself to anyone and couldn’t talk with anyone freely about what was in my mind. You know, those stupid guys out there, but you are so similar to me. We are the same kind, Shogo. I can talk to you freely everything under the sun; I feel so comfortable to talk with you always; I can be true myself with you all the time. I always feel being alive with you. Do you understand what I’m talking about or you’re just saying ‘Yes’ to everything that I’ve said?”

I am nodding in order to let him know that I have perfectly understood what he has said: “Go on Jorgito. I feel the same way as you do.”

“Shogo, I really think God has put you in my life, so that I can understand I’m not alone feeling in this particular way on this earth. You know, this is a very good feeling to know someone utterly thinks the same way as I do. You’re right – maybe, we don’t have money as ordinary people who never take a risk, but we’ve had extraordinary experiences in our lives. Likewise, I’ve been in many countries and had marvelous experiences. Remember, Shogo, I quit the job in order to go to Canada to work as a construction worker. Everyone told me that I was dumb to throw out the good job to be a construction worker in Canada. However, these three months, I’d had the great time and incredible experiences. I had never thought I would be working as a construction worker after turning to be thirty years old. If I thought about life like mediocrities, I would never have such wonderful experiences. It’s a lofty feeling to work under the sun once in your life, you know. Oh yeah, I am grateful for being made in this way. I am truly grateful to God for everything that has happened to my life.”