I’ll Miss You, Man

It was a Tuesday, and my departure from Cancun Airport was 6:15 p.m. Consequently, I have to be there by 5:00 p.m. But nothing could stop Ramon Garcia. He asked his boss to have extra break time and managed to drive me to the airport. He had to drive back all the way to Playa Del Carmen and resume his work, so he did not have much time. He parked a truck in front of airport and said, “Let’s go bitch. I’ll carry your suitcase and help you to check in.”

As we approached the gate, Ramon voiced, “This is where we say good bye.” He gave me a warm hug and went on, “It was a sheer magical time for me to have you around again, bitch. I think that I’ve provided you many dramas, so you have a lot of things to write for your next book, ha-ha-ha…. By the way, I have to ask you a huge favor: please give my winnow a rest for your next book. And please change my name to Robert or something, ha-ha-ha….”

As always, I was touched by his friendship and felt very sad for saying good-bye to this passionate man. Here I could not refrain from bursting into tears anymore and muttered, with tears gushing down my cheeks, “I’ll miss you, man.”

“For God’s sake, please stop weeping, bitch. I’m the one, who will be left alone.”

We shook hands and bid farewell to each other. As I was about to disappear into the gate, Ramon barked with hot tears in his eyes, “Hey Shogo, I no longer have anyone to foray into a table dance with me. I have to go there alone, man. Who the hell will accompany me to sail in Chilly Willys?”

With that, he turned back and strode out.

I still cannot believe to even this day that his very last parting word was: Chilly Willys.

Be Alert All the Time

Nothing is eternal. Everything comes to the end someday, since life is transitory. That is why every single moment is precious to all of us. Every chapter of life has the beginning and the ending – so is my life.

After all, the day came for me to bid farewell to the paradise. I felt that the time had reaped for me to change and leap into the new chapter of my life. I decided to go back to Japan for finding a way to raise some money, so that I could write another book in Vancouver. I told Ramon about my decision, and he encouraged me pensively, “I’m goanna be very sad, but the essential thing for your life right now is to keep on writing books. It’ll be quite difficult for you to find a way to go back to Vancouver, but I believe you can find the way. Don’t worry, bitch, and never give up. Remember, many doors will be slammed before your face, but one will be open for you eventually – that’s when you ought to come in. Be alert all the time. Besides, you know, this is your house, too, bitch, so you don’t need to thank me. I consider you a very special friend in my life, remember that. As a best friend, it’s my special duty to help you on the way. Wherefore, if anything happens on the way, remember your best biach friend Ramon Garcia; my house is always and will be always open for you. And before anything else, if ever you need a man who will have to go through fire and water for you, you have such a man – it is I. Because I never and will never desert those whom I treasure, whether in happiness or in misfortune, and I’ve proved it, ha-ha-ha….”

Understood Why He Is a Great Man

During on the road trip, Ramon’s father always insisted to pay everything, for example, breakfast, lunch, dinner, tickets, accommodations, etc. I was grateful for his generosity. Every time I tried to pay for myself, he gave me a benign smile and assured amicably, “Don’t worry, Shogo. You’re my Japanese son.” Every time I heard his affectionate words, uncontrollable tears welled up in my eyes. Ramon also said, “Don’t worry, bitch. This is our way for cerebrating on your first publication. We’re really proud of you!” It was immense pleasure for me to witness that the father and the son genuinely love each other. The son was worried about the father for spending money too much, so he naturally offered to pay before the father reached his wallet. However, the father did not let the son to pay and insisted to take care of everything. Eventually, the son reluctantly submitted the father. Patricia once remarked to me by looking at Ramon’s father, “Ramon will exactly look like his father in twenty years.” Now I completely understood why Ramon has been extremely generous to me during our friendship and understood why he is a great man: Ramon has just followed his father’s footsteps in all his life. I was overwhelmed by their family bond and thought that it was very beautiful.

As Though I Were Transported to Another World

And we drove to Merida, which is the capital city of the state of Yucatan. Known as “White City” because of the large use of white limestone and white paint this traditional city depicts much of the splendor of Colonial Mexico. Merida is nothing like Cancun or Playa Del Carmen; I savored Mexican culture and was glad to see no more party and noisy life. Thereafter, we visited the beautiful City of Campeche. I love history, culture, architecture, serene rivers, and graceful beaches – I felt like mingling with my ancestors.

Our journey’s end was Champoton, which is predominantly a fishing port. There was nothing to do in Champoton, except contemplating the beautiful ocean. Nevertheless, I loved Cahmpoton dearly. Just sitting on a bench and contemplating the alluring ocean made me carried away as though I were transported to another world.

As If I Had Stepped Back In Time

Ramon planned a wonderful road trip for us on the weekend. Ramon, his father, Patricia, and I had hit the road from a Friday morning to a Sunday afternoon. Ramon occasionally made a stop on a highway, so that Ramon, his father, and I would take a leak, arching the air like a rainbow. Three of us affectionately nourished Mexican soil as a blissful Mexican family.

First our destination was Chichèn Itzà, where we could wonder no end at Mayan ruins. With scores of palaces, ball courts, pyramids, and other fascinating stone buildings, Chichèn Itzà is a Mayan ruin paradise. We were so excited about Mayan excursion, and Ramon constantly took pictures of us.

The next stop was Izamal. The first thing captured my eyes were that the town is painted yellow… all the colonial buildings, the market, the huge convent, everything! “Johan Nilsen Nagel could sport his loud yellow suit triumphantly and fit in this town famously,” I thought to myself, smiling. The other things that got my attention were the cobblestone streets and the iron lampposts that give the town a tranquil ambiance. The sound of the clippity-clop of the horses pulling carriages made me feel as if I had stepped back in time.