That’s New To Me, I Confess

It was past 5:00 a.m. when I witnessed the trepidation. Even these days I can vividly picture in my mind that how Gerardo was standing alone at the empty dance floor dejectedly. I was nonplused to see him standing on the deserted dance floor with his head down. I approached him with much apprehension and asked perplexedly, “What is going on, my friend? I thought you had a gay time.”

He looked at me with a vanquished look and opened up his heart, “Yeah, I admit I really had a great time and love this place very much. I saw many beautiful vaginas and had many options to choose, but I don’t comprehend the phenomenon. Why on earth couldn’t I get a single vagina throughout the night? – that’s new to me, I confess. I’m as handsome as Narcissus; I dressed up nicely and danced like a sweet hurricane. I was ready to sweep a beautiful vagina’s feet off anytime opportunities arose. But alas, Shogo, look at me, here Gerardo Veloz, the exceptional handsome dude, is standing alone with empty hands. I wasn’t trying to get exceptionally ravishing vaginas, but I was trying to get a moderate vagina, but here I am – with empty hands, standing alone! That’s totally new to me!”

I felt sorry for him, because I know how much he wanted to get laid for the final night adventure. Whereof, I said sympathetically, “But my friend, you enjoyed too much tonight. So don’t be ashamed on your failed mission. You danced like a blissful moonstruck and had a great time – that was everything, I guess. But the problem with you is that you were constantly busy taking pictures and videotaping the hot blond vagina. As a matter of fact, you were forever gazing at her, watering your mouth throughout the night. You didn’t talk to other vaginas who seemed available. I suppose it was entirely your fault.”

“Shut up, man! I know I was busy videotaping the insanely sexy vagina. Golly, because of the arrogant vagina, I missed the opportunities to practice my art of fornication tonight! It was unforgivable! But I just couldn’t help it – that’s the truth. I simply couldn’t keep my eyes off the mesmerising vagina. Even though she ruined my final adventure, I love her dearly. Damn it, what a power she possesses!” he was laughing.


Can’t Help It!

While I was engaging in talking with a Swedish vagina, Gerardo was rushing toward me, as if it were matter of life and death, and uttered fascinatingly, “Shogo, look at that blond vagina who is just sailing in. Oh my God! She is ravishing and looks like an enchanting Russian princess. Do you know why she feels like a goddess as soon as she walks into the threshold? Because everyone is staring at her and can’t keep their eyes off her. All in all, she knows that her unearthly beauty has the power to magnetize men’s attention. Look at her pompous mien and stride; she is so arrogant and aloof. But what can I say? I’m already in love with her. Can’t help it!”

With that, he hasted elbowing the excited mob to go through, so that he can be close to her enough for taking pictures and videotaping her.

He Was Twirling for His Dear Life

In the world you will have trouble but take courage for I have conquered the world. At last, we invaded the right night club and enjoyed the night to the fullest. As soon as we sailed into FERIA TOKYO, a number of sexy vaginas were welcoming us. Gerardo barked ecstatically, “This is what I’m talking about. Oh my God, so many beautiful vaginas are dancing libidinously. Thank God, no more skinny Japanese vaginas! I swear I’ll bang one of them tonight. You’ll see, you’ll see, my friend. I’ll definitely bang one of them!”

Jorgito showed us his courage, as he prophesied. The truth be told, it was too much. He was as happy as Dionysius. He was constantly drinking and dancing. I have never seen him drinking and dancing so wild. To my astonishment, he started shaking his ass like a jubilant donkey and constantly shouting incomprehensible things at the top of his voice. On top of it all, he was twirling on the dance floor at no end – he was twirling for his dear life. Gerardo was surprised as well and remarked, “By Jove, I’ve never seen him drinking too much as tonight. And also I can’t believe in my own eyes that stupid Jorge is twirling around the dance floor, like a lost marionette. I really think idiot is too happy!”

I’m Outraged!

I was startled by his raging performance and shouted, “What the hell is the matter with you? For heaven’s sake, tell me what the meaning of your conniption is?”

“You have no idea, amigo, you have no idea that how I’m foreboding about being an imminent slave again! You should know that I’m petrified and shivered from my head to toe nails whenever I hear the word of job. Every time the image of my future boss and colleagues popped up in my mind, I’ll scream my head off. Why? Because I don’t want to pretend to obey my future boss. And I abhor talking with my future colleagues about the stupid job all the time. Every time I picture myself that I’ll deceit myself boldly and pretend to be a good slave, I’m outraged. I’m sick of my abortive and humiliating circumstances, but I need money to survive, you know, that’s the solo reason I’m taking a fucking job again. I hate participating in this senseless society system from my guts, but what can I do, man? The world is threatening me to take a job and be a slave again. Unfortunately, we’ve been living in the impractical materialistic world, which means that money is everything. If I don’t have money, the world won’t help me and will kick my ass murderously to a ditch, as if I were a detestable homeless dog!”

Here he must have felt the pain, because he started checking his right fist anxiously and showing agony in his face. He lapsed into silence for a while and resumed, “Shogo, please never mention the fucking job again. You totally understand what I’m talking about, since you’re humiliating yourself every single day for the sake of earning money. We must do something before it’s too late, amigo – save the world, so to speak. Anyway, tonight is my last night in Japan, so I’ll forget everything and ultimately enjoy the night, as if it were my last night on this delightful earth. By the way, I think I just broke my fingers because I can’t clinch my right fist. Shit, it hurts too much!”

My Courage Wants to Laugh Tonight

It was the Fourth of January that we came back to Tokyo. Gerardo and Jorgito called the shots: we must crash Roppongi tonight, since it was their last day of sojourn in Japan. We hurried to head back to my house, so that we could take a shower and change clothes for the final night adventure. To my great amazement, Gerardo donned a new shirt, new jeans, a new coat, and new shoes – he spruced up with new attires in toto. “Son of a bitch has determined to get laid tonight,” I thought to myself. What is more, Jorgito became a weather prophet and predicted about the night adventure, in an imposing tone: “My courage wants to laugh tonight. I would show you the real courage tonight, which will be lionized.”

As we arrived at Roppongi Station, I said to Jorgito as a joke, “Amigo, you must enjoy tonight to the fullest and show all your courage so that you won’t regret anything. Tomorrow you’re flying back to Mexico, and your new job is waiting for you.”

“Amigo, don’t ever mention the fucking job again!” With that, he swung his right fist to hit the wall, with a brute force, as if he were about to knock out Mike Tyson.