Forever Ready to expose My Misbehaviors

Hereafter, I had become her mortal enemy and the target of her maliciousness. She always tried to find out my fault with all her vigilance; she was forever ready to expose my misbehaviors in the office. First, she noticed that I never made any Japanese documents, but only English documents. She told everyone that it was not fair for them, because I did only take care of English documents. It was not my fault, because no one could understand English sufficiently, so I had to make all English documents; however, the dwarf forgot everything and ordered me to make Japanese documents as well. And then she noticed that I occasionally went to the break-room and stayed there over thirty minutes. And it was not my fault either, for many lawyers knew that I spoke English and wanted to talk to me, so some of them naturally became my friends and talked to me every time they ran into me there. She told everyone that I was not doing my job; I always talked to lawyers at the break-room while they were sweating to make documents. Furthermore, she complained me that I never took the early shift and brought pressure to bear upon to take it.

As a result, the irresistible collision happened that I would never forget. The law firm had a wine party every Friday night, and the general office was the charge of a grocery list for the party. We had to order wines and snacks and prepared them at the break-room. The dwarf was the charge of ordering snacks from a grocery store. It was actually too easy job, because she just needed to call them, tell them our budget for the party, and ask them to make a list and send it to us via e-mail. It was so simple, but the dwarf made it complicated. She wanted to choose food by herself; therefore, once she received a list, she scrutinized it from the top to bottom a couple of times and changed the list until every single snack became her taste.

Become Mortal Enemies

A few days later, of course, the dwarf began noticing the change. When she saw Nakao san and Keiko san talking and laughing together, she could not control her jealous anymore and shouted at the top of her lungs, “Stop talking during the office hours! Both of you had better finish copying these documents immediately. Understood?” From this day on, Nakao san and the dwarf had become mortal enemies to each other.

While they were fighting to each other over fatuous things, I was trying to do my best to stay away from horseplay. All in all, I decided not to involve with any of their shameful fights. However, one day I made a grievous mistake to contribute the information which incurred the dwarf’s wrath. From this point forward, she had tried to make my Williams Lea Japan’s life miserable in her every possible way. Here is what happened….

It came to every one’s attention that Keiko san never sat down on her chair during the office hours, but standing up like a soldier all day. When Tom came to the general office for my help, the moribund incident happened. He always asked my help directly without sending his secretary, because he knew that I could speak well English. He naturally noticed that Keiko san always stood at the corner of the office, like a sentinel whenever he visited the general office; he wanted to know why she always stood at the corner of office, while we sat down and did nothing. Thereupon, he asked me about it in English that caught off my guard defenselessly. I thought that the dwarf could not understand any English; therefore, I explained her meanness to Tom by pointing at the dwarf with my index finger and told him that she made Keiko san stand at the corner of the office every day, for she was jealous of Keiko san too much. Tom thought that it was extremely mean and asked me to let Keiko san sit down her chair to relax forthwith. By the same token, he told me to warn the dwarf to stop mistreating her. And then he walked out the general office appallingly.

Her Smug Performances Hurt Everyone’s Eyes

When I finished reading this frivolous message, I burst out laughing till tears welled up in my eyes. And then I suddenly realized the unfavorable reality: Mr. Virgin definitely considered that I was a culprit for destroying his opportunity for metamorphosis. “Daman it! The dwarf used me and made Mr. Virgin believe that I was the cause of ending his happy life at the office! Why doesn’t he tell me face to face if he wants to say something to me? It is the meanest act for him to distribute this kind of malevolent message, instead of telling a person face to face!” I thought to myself indignantly. However, I decided to ignore the lampoon and decided to behave as if I never read it.

The other important aspect was that Nakano san had started losing his faith in the dwarf. She became arrogant and insolent, day by day and brought her baseness to light without any reservations. Her smug performances hurt everyone’s eyes, especially, Nakao san.

One day Nakao san could not endure her conceited performance anymore and divulged me that he could not understand Kaita san and could not recognize her anymore. Now she started overpowering not only Keiko san, but Nakao san as well. She used to regard Nakao san’s opinions significantly, such as who would take care of copying documents, who would take care of binding documents, or who would take care of sorting mails; but not anymore. She just ordered Nako san to do this or that and stopped heeding his opinions. Moreover, he told me that the dwarf had forbidden him to talk to Keiko san and ordered him to make her stand up all the time. Belatedly, her hubris opened Nakao san‘s eyes widely as if he saw dawn the first time in his life. He has started rebelling at the dwarf and pretending to be nice to Keiko san.


A Solitary Interval

Mr. Virgin was totally dejected and did not snap stupid jokes anymore. He told us that he needed a solitary interval for a while in order to cure his emotional devastation, and he vanished into CP room gloomily. What is more, he gave Kaita san all authorities to control the general office. He utterly stopped talking to us; he just sent e-mails when he needed to communicate with us. One day he sent us the bombshell:


Attention Everyone,

Today I feel that I should stop hibernating and should take a step forward. Today I feel that I must say something. I have noticed inappropriate behaviour at the general office recently. I want to change his behaviour immediately and want him to consider about the job more seriously. He is the solo reason why I have been forsaken and become a hermit. First of all, he should have never meddled in my private affair. Because of him, I have been spending lonely existence here. I have never felt so forlorn and crestfallen in my life. I do not want to say the name, but he himself should understand whom I am talking about. In addition, this person should not read books and should not visit unrelated websites during the office work. He should understand that when he has no immediate duty, he ought to come up with something useful for the office environment. And most importantly, he has to learn how to respect his superior. I will give you the website address, which contains the information how to behave correctly before a boss at an office. I need everyone to read it and understand the office behaviour, especially, the one who has been tormenting me to the hell.

The General Office Manager

Williams Lea Japan

Norio Ishida

Just Wanted to Be Free from a Farce

Two days had elapsed since the incident, and things had changed dramatically or worse I should say. Nakao san informed me that the dwarf had a bound and determined confabulation with Mr. Virgin and hurled the ultimatum at him. The most preposterous update was that she told him that it was my idea to warn him. I never said anything about Keiko san and never had any grudge for her, because I did not care anything about a farce. But according to Nakano san’s information, it was my suggestion, and I was the initiator!

Mr. Virgin had stopped chattering with Keiko san and taking her lunch with him at all once since the ultimatum. And he completely abandoned from training her and gave all authority to the dwarf for taking care of Keiko san. From that moment on, nobody could stop a forthcoming apocalypse. I had to witness the meanest acts, that the history has never recorded since the creation.

The dwarf became mightier and mightier each day and exercised her authority over Keiko san cruelly. Keiko san was not allowed copying documents unless she asked the dwarf’s instruction. The dwarf always lectured her same eternal mambo jumbo over and over, with unseemly arrogance. Furthermore, the dwarf never let Keiko san sit down but constantly made her stand up. She had to stand up even if there was nothing to do.

I was so angry with the dwarf’s churlish demeanour, but I did not say anything. I just did not want to incur the dwarf’s wrath; I just wanted to be free from a farce.