How Do People See You in Real Life?

How People See You in Real Life Isn’t Important

I have always wondered why people are constantly preoccupied with what others think of them and how they are perceived by others in real life. I have always wondered why people are constantly afraid of being different. Why do people always want to be the same as everyone else? Why are people afraid to be true to themselves? If you always pretend to be someone else and if you are not true to yourself all the time, you will be unhappy for the rest of your life because this is totally against nature. We are born to be different. Each human being is unique and original.

If you continue forcing yourself to be the same as everyone else, you will waste your life for nothing; you will have only absolute regret. Pretending to be the same as everyone else is a distortion of nature, which goes against God’s laws since in all the world’s woods and forests – He did not create a single leaf the same as another. Therefore, stop thinking of how people see you in real life and start doing the most essential thing on this delightful earth: Be true to yourself all the time to walk on your private destiny, come hell or high water.

Be True to Yourself All the Time

I believe that other people don’t often think of you as you imagine it. And you don’t need to please everyone since life is an extremely short journey, so you don’t have any time to waste with such unimportant matters. Instead of pleasing everybody – you should start pleasing people who really matter to you. You don’t need 100 fake friends; you just need five true friends.

If you have five true friends who are there for you, whether you are happy or unhappy, you will be one of the luckiest people on this face of earth. I am proud to say that I have five true friends with whom I can talk and share anything under the sun. This is the sincere expression of how Jorgito feels alive when he can be true to himself all the time in Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life:

A bright smile spreads on his face, and he utters joyfully, “You know, Shogo, the first time I talked to you, I felt so comfortable. Before I met you, I couldn’t be my true self to anyone and couldn’t talk with anyone freely about what was on my mind. You know, those stupid guys out there, but you are so similar to me. We are the same kind, Shogo. I can talk to you freely, everything under the sun; I feel so comfortable talking with you always; I can be my true self with you all the time. I always feel alive with you. Do you understand what I’m talking about, or you’re just saying ‘Yes’ to everything that I’ve said?”


Live in Your Own Way

You ought to choose your own unique path. If you start living according to your heart’s prompting, no matter what other people think of you, you will feel happy and alive each day. It is not important how people see you in real life; it is important how you see yourself in real life. Ergo, stop letting other people manipulate you to make wrong decisions – you should start making your own decisions and choosing how you live your precious life so that you will have no regrets. This is your life, not others, so you should start walking on your private destiny with joy.

In addition, I talked about the importance of making one’s own decisions in Mexican Rhapsody – Having a Second Chance:

He fell to pondering for a while, folding his arms before his chest. A couple of pensive lines were appearing on his forehead. And then he began his obloquy, “You know, Shogo, I’ve thought about why I went to the university. I can’t complain about anything because I had a good time there; however, I can’t help thinking that if I’d started my own business eight years ago instead of attending the university, how big my business would’ve become right now. I’m telling you this since I don’t apply any university education to my business. I’ve learned my business by myself. I didn’t want to work for anyone but work solely for myself, so I started studying how to build a house. I’ve educated myself as you did, Shogo. I’ve felt that I completely wasted my time and money on the university. Do you know why I went to the university? Because everybody told me that I had to go to university, such as my parents, friends, relatives and so on. But what for? I didn’t understand anything. I really hate this idiotic society system, for everyone thinks that we have to go to university to have a successful life. It’s a sheer misapprehension, you know. I oppose every plan that society has contrived to manipulate us. Everyone thinks what other people think of them. Everyone thinks graduating from university is something that one must be proud of. Shogo, you know, most people go to university simply for appearance’s sake. Everyone thinks that graduating from university is a big achievement in their lives. Everyone thinks in this delusional fashion because of misconstrued society systems. Society always asks us first if we graduated from university or not. It’s so ridiculous to me. Think about it in this way: for instance, if one wants to be a gardener, does he need a university degree to be a gardener? Absolutely not; if he wants to be a painter, does he need a university degree to be a painter? Absolutely not; if he wants to be a writer, does he need a university degree to be a writer? Absolutely not; if he wants to be a fisherman, does he need a university degree to be a fisherman? Absolutely not; if he wants to be a baker, does he need a university degree to be a baker? Absolutely not; if he wants to be a matador, does he need a university degree to be a matador? Absolutely not, and so on and so forth.”


“Jorgito, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m on the same page with you,” I nodded perceptively.

“I knew you would understand me; that’s why I’m telling you this. However, I’m furious at myself for not ignoring their advice. I’m ashamed of myself for attending the university. On top of it all, I’ve regretted enormously that I frittered my time away for nothing,” his eyes glinted with fire.

And then he wiped his brow and glanced so fiercely at the ceiling that his gaze seemed to pierce it and rise into the heavens.

I looked at his eyes sympathetically and said, “I really believe that experience is everything. I think that you need to attend university to learn what you don’t need for your life. Your coal-and-ice experience has taught you the essential thing for your life: that attending university is unnecessary for your career. We can learn from our experiences, you know. I think that you needed to undergo these frustrating periods so that you could realize which road you would be supposed to walk on. Here and now, you’re undoubtedly walking on your unique road; congratulations, amigo!”

Enjoy Being Different from Everyone Else

You can be different from everyone else anytime you want if you have a little faith in yourself. You can disregard how people see you in real life if you want to see your true potential and infinite possibilities. Life is one time, so why don’t you enjoy your life to the fullest? – To be true to yourself all the time.

Today, I would like to celebrate only one man who has been utterly himself in his entire life: Myself. This is a song of celebration for being different from everyone else in Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance:

Heading to Parque, Mexico, in the afternoon sun, I think that I have never had an honest dispute with the Japanese since I stepped out of my mother’s womb. They never accept a person who has unique opinions and is different from them – being Japanese means that one must have the same opinions and interests as everybody else. Above all, one must be exactly like everyone else; otherwise, one is not considered a good Japanese. It is a tragedy for a person who happens to be born different in Japan; they never let him continue being different. They insult him, say bad things for him on the sly, castrate him, and crucify him. On top of it all, they try to make him feel small with their possible meanness. And why? Because they always feel insecure and envy a person who dares to show his individuality openly.

Japanese just cannot allow others to become someone else while they are nonentities. They are constantly jealous of a person who dares to be different and has the courage to go on being in his own way. They feel insulted whenever they see a person who lives his life in his own sweet way since they know from their innermost hearts that he is superior to them and has more energy than them. They become disgruntled every time they see a person who has a full life since they have no life; they work five days a week automatically. As soon as one manifests his uniqueness in Japan, he is labeled guilty, madman, and maladjustment; he is isolated and cut off from Japanese society.

I have been crucified and persecuted by the Japanese, for I just happened to be born different: I am simply another breed. What makes the Japanese indignant the most is that I am not only different, but I am unique and original. I love my life too much and worship life passionately, which makes the Japanese furious. One cannot show his love literally toward life in Japan, for it will hurt their feelings. What the Japanese cannot allow the most is for a person to enjoy his life indefinitely. Everything I did was simply malapropos for the Japanese, no matter what. For instance, when I started singing from a moment of sparkling passion, they deplored that I sang provokingly high pitch; when I created a funny joke, they deplored that I abused the same joke endlessly; when I teased my friends in a cordial fashion, they deplored that I ridiculed them superfluously; when I argued with Japanese, they deplored that I expressed myself egotistically; when I was in good spirits, they deplored that I showed off my happiness immoderately; when I embrace my life from tremendous joy with tears in my eyes, they deplored that my emotion was magniloquent; when I loved women, they deplored that my love was out of proportion; when I found out my girlfriends’ lack of characters and started acting impersonally, they deplored that my dispassionateness was so inhuman; when I realized that I was not in love with my girlfriends anymore, they deplored that I disdained them pitilessly; and so on and so forth. I was forced to pretend to be someone else, be shrunken, and hide my true personality from public places in Japan. What is wrong with me?

I am more human than any Japanese and embraced life itself with all my passion more than any of them. I am forever ready to show my happiness from the moment of sparkling emotion, and I am capable of singing jubilantly from the sheer appreciation of just being alive. Why do I have to pretend to be dull and gloomy when I am actually elated and cannot control my happiness with a heart full of zeal? If you want to be a living dead person, it is OK with me. As a matter of fact, I unanimously agree with you and say indifferently, shrugging my shoulders, “Go ahead and be a spiritually dead person without tasting real life, as you wish.” However, you must stop forcing me to be like you, for I am fully alive with a heart full of love and want to enjoy my life to the fullest. I am an emotional person. When I am sad, I weep like a woebegone widow; when I am happy, I sing like Luis Armstrong, dance like a pleased darky, and shout from sheer joy at the top of my lungs. Do I make myself clear? You poor Japanese bastards!

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