How to Make Your Dream Come True?

Enjoy the Process of Fulfilling Your Dream

How many people have the courage to follow their hearts to pursue their dreams to the end? I believe that only a few people have firm determination to go through the hell to the end of their journey and beyond. And the worst part is that most people give up their dreams even before they even start pursuing them.

If you truly want to turn your dream into a reality from the deepest heart, you must start pursuing your dream even if people think that you are too old to follow your dream, even if they say, “Wake up to see the reality and stop pursuing a pipedream,” and even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy. Even then. Especially then! As a matter of fact, you don’t need to think about what other people think of you because this is your life; you just think what you think of yourself, for being happy all the time is your sole obligation in this life.

Furthermore, life is a one-time voyage, and there are no do-overs. So why shouldn’t you follow your heart and pursue your dreams? I don’t see any reason not to pursue your dreams. Most importantly, making your dream come true is a lifelong journey that will take longer than you can imagine. But I can guarantee you that it is worth following your heart and passion. For that reason, you had better enjoy the process of turning your dream into a reality. 

Nothing is Easy in this Life

As I told you, making your dream come true is a lifelong journey, so you will face countless disheartened situations and obstacles, to be sure; however, you must overcome them, for this is a part of your journey to turn your dream into a reality. Nothing is easy in this life; everything is difficult in this life, and so is your dream.

As a matter of fact, you will be tested to go through numerous challenges to expand your limit of horizon and willpower and also countless hardships to overcome your weakness to make your dream come true, as Heracles was assigned twelve labors – pushing yourself to the limit to see your possibility, as Theseus preferred to take the land route from Troezen to Athens to go through numerous adventures and obstacles.

Correspondingly, before you begin your journey towards making your dreams a reality, it’s crucial to commit to persisting no matter the challenges you encounter until you reach your destination.

I decided to leave everything behind me to fly to Mexico to fulfill my dream of living the artist’s life and becoming a writer when my Mexican friends asked me to live with them in Mexico to write a book. I decided to follow my heart and take a risk to start a new life in Mexico. As a result, Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life was born. This book is about the journey of making my dream come true with my Mexican friends. Told with engaging prose and with honest reflections on his experiences in these two radically different cultures, Shogo explores how three passionate Mexican friends transformed his worldview, along with how his wanderings unearthed astute new insights into the meaning of life. Blending spiritual revelations and philosophical musings with a unique perspective on the incredible cultural and social contrasts between Japan and Mexico, this book is perfect for anybody yearning for self-discovery, exploration, and adventure.


Follow Your Heart

I was determined to follow my heart to make my dream come true to be an artist when I was 25 years old. However, I struggled in vain to write for over eight years and haven’t produced any tangible things. The worst thing was that I had not been able to write any single line with my efforts. Even though I did not show anything to the world, I believed in myself that I could start writing my first book someday. It took me eight solid years to understand that I just needed to listen to my heart, then I would be fine.

Therefore, you just need to listen to your heart attentively and enjoy the process of turning your dream into a reality. Yes, it will take time for you, even to get started, but the essential thing is that you should enjoy the process of making your dream come true and keep moving forward to reach your destination with a strong determination.

Believing in yourself is the most important thing to make your dream come true. Without believing in yourself, you will be lost and discouraged – you will give up easily; as a matter of fact, you will give up when you encounter just a couple of obstacles.

As I have told you many times – turning your dream into a reality is a long journey, so you are bound to face countless hardships and disheartened situations that you cannot simply avoid. However, if you believe in yourself and faithfully do what you must do each given day, God will take care of the rest that I can assure you.

Do Your Best Each Given Day to Change the Future

Making your dream come true is a long journey, as I said before. You must focus on the present to shape the future. If you constantly look too far ahead, you may become paralyzed by worries about events that haven’t occurred yet. This can lead to negative thoughts and discouragement. Instead, listen to your heart, stay in the moment, and work toward making your dream a reality each day.

And most importantly, you must focus on only one dream. Do not chase two dreams simultaneously because you will get neither – As Confucius said, “The man chases two rabbits, catches neither.” Accordingly, you must pursue only one dream that you have always wanted to be in your deepest heart and improve yourself daily to turn your dream into a reality, and then you will be fine.

I have always focused on only one dream for my entire life: being a writer. This is because I firmly believe that if one can focus on many things simultaneously, he can produce only mediocre works or rubbish works; on the contrary, if one focuses on only one thing with all his heart, he can produce a masterpiece that no one can imagine.

Get inspired today to embark on the journey of making your dream come true today!

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