What a Perfect Mess I Am in!

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Also, I remember vividly that it took a long time for him to adjust to Japanese society again; he always hid at his home from people, because he could not express himself, like when he was in America, and people constantly complained about his behavior wherever he went. He had not gotten a permanent job for a long time, just a part-time job, because he could not finish his job interviews; he was fired even before being hired. Every time he left a job interview, he said to me, “Shogo, I can’t understand narrow-minded Japanese assholes. While I was waiting for my job interview at an office, nobody said hello to me, and they were so serious. Therefore, I said to an interviewer, ‘I don’t like the atmosphere in this office, because nobody’s smiled at me, and nobody’s said anything to me since I entered the office. You should change the serious atmosphere of the office into more congenial atmosphere, so that you can make a good impression to candidates, and also every employee can enjoy working here more. This is my advice to you.’” He uttered these words so emotionally and then continued, “As soon as I started expressing my true feelings and opinions, he stopped my job interview and said to me, ‘We don’t need any suggestion from you.’ And the worst part was that he asked me to kindly leave the office immediately. I just don’t get it. I just want to help them to improve their working conditions, but nobody listens to me. I can’t endure Japanese age-societal structure, either. It is perfectly ridiculous. In America nobody cares how old I am, but fucking retarded Japanese, shit! I really want to go back to America, but I need some money to continue studying there. I have to take a job to earn some money because I can’t ask my parents to help me anymore. I have to save money myself, but I can’t allow myself to be reduced to Japanese idiots’ level and don’t want to accept their working systems either. Fuck, what a perfect mess I am in!”

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