New Release: Coming Pretty Soon!

True liberation means freeing yourself – freedom sometimes takes the form of leaving yourself open to all kinds of new experiences. Liberation – Seeking the Meaning of Life is the story of how desperate Japanese seeker Shogo Onoe was sent to Mexico by destiny, there to begin a new chapter in a journey of self-introspection. He writes of the three passionate Mexican friends he treasures, Gerardo, Jorge, and Ramon, who all lent him a great deal of support and belief to his efforts to write and reach deep levels of expression. How did he find his true self in a faraway land?

By comparing life in emotionally cold Japan to the warmth of Mexico and its people, Shogo invites the reader to think harder about the meaning of life in an attempt to spark a revolution in people’s hearts and minds.

Liberation Seeking the Meaning of Life also opens a door for others seeking the meaning of life. Sometimes fate plays a role that can change our life forever, but only if we are liberated enough to take a chance.

This book is for people who are seeking more satisfying life and believe in individualism. Shogo shares the path to his destiny – to be true to himself, unconditionally. 

Becoming a Beginner Again

Last time I wrote a book was almost 10 years ago. And somehow, I had lost my passion and stopped writing completely. I did not understand why I stopped writing since writing has been my mission in my life and I really love it. All my friends had asked me why I stopped writing books and told me that I wasn’t happy because I had stopped writing books. And they kept on telling me that it did not matter where I lived in or what kinds of situation I was in – I just need to write something, then I would be happy again. However, I had been depressed for years – I had completely lost my passion and had no energy left for writing. I had just frittered my time away.

After 10 years of wasting my time, I have re-realized that without writing books, I would be miserable forever and it would no point for keep on living. Hence, I have decided to start writing a new book again. The good thing is that my passion for reading books has returned, I have started reading books with joy, and I have been happier and happier, day by day. I have determined to start writing the new book from the January 1 on; however, I have not written any single line yet.

Before getting started writing my first book, I was not able to write any single line in my book almost for 8 years. I had just read books like a possessed so that I could improve myself and walked on streets for 4 hours every single day so that I could hopefully get some ideas for my book, which I called meditation walk. After 8 years of struggle, I finally wrote the very first line in my book. If one was not able to write any single line in his book almost for a decade, he would be paranoid and worried that he would be unable to write any single line next day. So, naturally he would write until he would be exhausted and collapsed. I believe that I had thought of only one thing for 8 years: what I would write in my book – that is why I got inspiration to begin writing the book after 8 years of struggle. What I have learned from this lesson is that inspiration will not come suddenly; it will come because of daily practice, learning, and thinking with earnest effort and consistency.

The funny thing is that I have now become a beginner again which means that I am not able to write any single line in the new book. Once again, I am always reading books and walking on streets to get inspired to write the book. I need another 8 years to be able to write a very first line in the book, perhaps? The good thing is that I did not waste another 10 years to decide to write a new book, so I will enjoy the process in writing a very first line in my new book and enjoy ambling on streets under the sun with my hands in my pocket. Perhaps, I will get inspired and write the book like a madman tomorrow? Only God knows.

Life Is Fun to Live!

I was supposed to attend a lesson at the gym, so my initial plan was to read a book at home before attending the lesson, but it was cancelled. Hence, I changed my plan to go to Starbucks to read the book by walking on streets to enjoy the sun. And while I was reading the book at Starbucks, someone sitting next to me start to have a conversation with me whose name is Chris. He has married to a Japanese woman and has a 6 years-old daughter. He is an electrician and about to start a school about technology. It is quite amazing, since if the lesson had not been cancelled, I would have never met him. I did not expect to make a Colombian friend in Japan, but it happened. Life is so unpredictable – that is why life is fun to live!

Living in Total Despair

I have no idea how long I have been depressed and dispirited. I have no idea how long I have been living in total despair. I am sad all the time and have no energy for anything. Even I do not care about anything, I mean that I really do not care about anything – I even don’t give any shit to women. Even I have no idea when this awful depression has started, but one thing is crystal clear to me: I have an infinite void in my heart. The funny part is that, you know, my dear readers (If I have any), nobody notices my state of depression, except my Mexican and Columbian friends. People always say to me, “You look so happy and energetic! Why do you always look so happy?” Can you beat it? No Japanese people notice my depression and say to me, “Are you okay? Why are you so depressed? No sir! No single individual offers me any sympathetic words! The truth is that people are able to see only other people’s appearances; people are not able to see other people’s heart.

Life has been so hard for me for years, since I have lost any hope for my future and enthusiasm for life itself. When I was young, I had a dream, you know, I wanted to be an artist. I had undying passion and respect for writing. I was so happy every day, since my whole energy went to writing. I loved reading books and could not pass the day without reading them. But not anymore. I have completely lost my faith in writing and passion for it. I have been no purpose in my life for years. My life has become just a humdrum existence and I have kept frittering my time away every single day….