Break the Mysterious Silence

To my great surprise, even his parents seemed to concur with his conclusion and somewhat looked relieved. We decided to go to Akihabara because they wanted to see the technology town. While Gerardo, his parents, and Leticia were busy looking for something valuable to buy, Jorgito finally decided to break the mysterious silence. He asked me to have a talk with him privately, so we informed them that Jorgito and I were waiting for them outside.

As soon as we became alone, Jorgito uttered indignantly, “I’m hugely disappointed in you, amigo!”


He spat on the street twice, stared at the distance for a few minutes, and began his tirade, “Amigo, why the hell are you wasting your time with the virgin prick? It’s utterly scandalous for a human being to have such a creepy prick like him, as a boss. Oh my God, even his eyes were constantly glued to Leticia’s ass! Shame on you, man! You have to write a book instead of being a salve. Today I really couldn’t recognize you while your boss was being around with us. You’re my friend, so I have to tell you the truth – you were utterly disgraceful, you know. Why did you talk to him courteously and why did you sometimes bowed slightly to him? I was constantly talking to myself under my breath in the whole afternoon, ‘Is that my friend Shogo? When Shogo is in Japan, does he shamelessly transmute into a complaisant fart? Why doesn’t he quit the fucking job and start living on his life in his own way? And so on and so forth.’ Shogo, do you remember when we passionately talked about our missions in Acapulco? At that moment, you were as strong as Great Ajax, and I helplessly admired your courage. But look at yourself now, amigo, you’re resignedly working five days a week, and to cap it all, you meekly bow to the fucking virgin prick! It was too much for me to witness your total degradation. How long are you planning to continue degenerating yourself? Please wake up, man, you’re punishing yourself!”


What Was Bothering in His Heart?

While we were strolling on streets of Asakusa, I noticed two arresting aspects. Mr. Virgin was infatuatedly talking to Leticia and never letting her go – that was quite welcome for us, so that we could enjoy by ourselves. However, I was a bit worried about Jorgito’s mysterious silence. As a matter of fact, he was the most excited one to see Asakusa and constantly singing while snapping fingers since the morning. But alas, as soon as he casted his eyes on Mr. Virgin, he decidedly became dumb as if lightning struck him. I knew that he loves visiting historical places and seeing traditional things, and yet I could clearly see that his excitement was completely gone, and even he did not show any interests. What was bothering in his heart?

The upshot was that even Leticia could not stand Mr. Virgin either. She suddenly approached me lifelessly and started complaining, “Hey my best, I don’t like your boss too much. He is very ugly like a beaten horse, ha-ha-ha…. You must help me to get rid of him. He is constantly talking to me about Japanese history and tried to make some jokes, but they’re so boring, you know…. Even I can’t pretend to laugh with his prosaic jokes that are actually driving me crazy. Shogo, you must do something!”

It was past 4:00 p.m., and Mr. Virgin finally left us alone. I told him that we had some plans for the night only for us, so I could not invite him unfortunately. But I promised him that we would be joining the office party. He disgruntled my lame excuse about five minutes and morosely went home. As soon as Mr. Virgin disappeared into the thin air, Gerardo exclaimed, “Thank God! At last, yes, at last, virgin prick left us alone! Good riddance! You know, Shogo, to be candid with you, I can’t stand your virgin boss. If he’d tried to stay with us more thirty minutes, I would’ve definitely shot him. Oh yeah, I willingly become a coldblooded murderer for the sake of human race, so to speak. Trust me, my friend, the overbearing asshole is ought to be shot!”

You’re Working under the Virgin!

My company allowed me to have a holiday vacation from December 28 to January 4, but I persuaded Mr. Virgin of giving me extra day-offs. He allowed me to have the holiday vacation from December 27 to January 5 with two conditions: I have to invite him at least one activity; my Mexican friends and I had to join the office party on December 26. It was total shame for me to introduce my boss and colleagues to my friends, but I had no choice.

The following morning, we had a plan to go to Asakusa to see some Japanese traditional things with a bossy intruder. Firstly, we went to Ikebukuro Station to meet Mr. Virgin. As we arrived at the station, he had been already waiting for us. To my great dismay, he was dressed up with a shining black long coat, Armani suit, black leather gloves, and carefully polished shoes. After I introduced my friends to Mr. Virgin, we went to Big Camera, for Gerardo and his father needed to buy a digital camera. On the way to Big Camera, Gerardo could not refrain from making some remarks in a wispier, “Shogo, how can you do that to yourself, man? Can’t you recognize that your boss is goddamn virgin? Oh my God, you’re working under the virgin!”

“How could you recognize that he is immaculate?” I was startled.

“Are you nuts? It’s obvious, man! At the fast glance, I recognize he is eternal virgin, so to speak. How old is that asshole?”

I looked down, tried doing my best to prevent from bursting out laughing, and muttered, “He is thirty years-old virgin, my friend.”

Here Gerardo could not refrain from bursting out laughing and let himself laugh uproariously till tears streaming down his cheeks. Mr. Virgin asked me why he was laughing head off, but I did not say anything and called Leticia to talk to him as camouflage. After Gerardo laughed to his heart’s content, he wondered, “By the way, why the hell is the unsullied prick donning the unnecessary expensive clothes for the outing?”

“That’s his style.”

He gave another hysterical laughter and said, “Shogo, you should quit your job before you are contaminated. Please I really beg you, ha-ha-ha….”

Unforgettable Scandals

When I saw a very first Mexican emerged gleefully from the gate, I could not believe in my own eyes and shouted involuntarily, “Dear me, they’ve brought the extra package!” It was Leticia, who was the last person I wanted to see in Japan. As soon as this uninvited guest casted her eyes on me, she approached me, kissed my cheeks, and started gushing like Niagara waterfall. It was apparent to all that she was high spirited. And then I was dismay to witness her first mischief: she started cavorting around ecstatically and singing as aloud as an amplifier. “It is a matter of time that this cracked vagina will cause unforgettable scandals during her sojourn in Japan,” I thought to myself while watching her performance.

Gerardo approached me with an apologetic look and defended himself, “Believe me, Shogo, it wasn’t my fault. She invited herself, man! When I told her that I was going to Japan, she said she would join us. My first impression was that she was shitting me, so I discarded her remark regardless. But alas, a week before our departure, she informed me that she bought the flight ticket. Can you beat it? Nobody can stop that barmy vagina, ha-ha-ha….”

My little sister helped me to pick them up because she owned a huge car. I have not driven a car since I was twenty-three-years old. I want to be as free as a vagabond without any resources, so that I am able to knock about the world from every calling and never miss single opportunity. The simple fact was that even if I wanted to have a car, I could not afford it due to my scandalous poverty. Anyway, many thanks to my little sister, we, eight of us, safely drove to my parents’ house. To begin with, we stopped by a hotel twenty minutes away from my parent’s house. Gerardo and Jorgito could stay at my parent’s house, but the rest of them needed an accommodation, because my parent’s house was not big enough to take all them in. As a matter of fact, I could find a hotel in the vicinity of my parent’s house, but Gerardo requested me specifically not to find a hotel in perilous, so that he could find a way in his orbit to release his stallion at the first opportune shot.

A Very Strange Relationship

I was at Tokyo Narita Airport and eagerly waiting for my friends to be emerging from the gate. Even these days I am very sure that if Gerardo and Jorgito had not visited Japan in order to shower their friendship over me, I would have been probably crushed to pieces by my mean colleagues. I was informed that their parents would visit Japan with them. It was great news for me to see their parents in Japan indeed, because I consider them as my Mexican parents. Their mother has always been kind to me and always showed me around Mexico City; their father is actually one of my good friends. We have built a very strange relationship. He cannot speak any English, and I speak a little Spanish; however, we always have a pleasant time. It always remains a great mystery to Gerardo. He always asks me with a puzzled look, “Shogo, I don’t understand anything. Every time I see my father and you together, you, guys, seem to be having a wonderful time. But you and my father can’t communicate with each other. How come you enjoy my father’s company all the time?”