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“If you’re looking for an inspiring read with a message of hope, look no further than Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance.” – Sue E, NetGalley Reviewer

Embark on a soul-searching adventure and discover one man’s quest to Mexico for a better life.

Artfully written with flowing prose and profound personal insights, this uplifting novel delves into the rich life and culture of Mexico, following author Shogo Onoe’s remarkable story as he casts aside his old life in Japan for the vibrant cities and landscapes of Central America.

Blending thoughtful philosophical and spiritual wisdom with an undying message of living your life to the fullest – no matter what other people might think – this book paints a vivid picture of one man’s exodus in search of a better life.

You’ll discover how three Mexican friends transformed Shogo’s destiny, the suffocating existence he left behind in Japan, and the incredible contrast between two opposite cultures.

A message of faith underlies every page, reflecting on how Shogo’s trust in God gave him the strength and the passion to find his source of meaning and dare to turn his world upside-down.

As a must-read for dreamers, soul-searchers, and creative spirits, Mexican Rhapsody, will touch your heart, encouraging you to refuse to be inauthentic and stay true to what you really feel.

This autobiographical novel is a beautiful breath of fresh air, serving as a rallying cry that will inspire you to liberate yourself from soul-destroying situations and pursue a life of light, meaning, and joy.

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“This is a ‘must read’ book for anyone contemplating enlightenment!” 

– Sophie Boswell, Author of The Power of Feng Shui: Living Proof


“A powerful story of a different ilk than the usual travelogue or autobiography […] A highly recommended survey that blends literature, biography, and social and spiritual contrasts and reflections.”

– D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Unearth the true story of one man’s search for the meaning of life.


Disillusioned by life and feeling like a stranger in his own homeland of Japan, Shogo Onoe embarks on a profound spiritual journey to illuminate the meaning of life and find a radical new mode of understanding.


Travelling across the Pacific to the vibrant country of Mexico, Shogo’s soul-searching brings him into contact with a rich, warm culture that pushes him to discover himself in a faraway land.


Told with engaging prose and with honest reflections on his experiences in these two radically different cultures, Shogo explores how three passionate Mexican friends transformed his worldview, along with how his wanderings unearthed astute new insights into the meaning of life.


Blending spiritual revelations and philosophical musings with a unique perspective on the incredible cultural and social contrasts between Japan and Mexico, this book is perfect for anybody yearning for self-discovery, exploration, and adventure.


Liberation – Seeking the Meaning of Life is a poignant and thoughtful book that offers ample food for thought, delving deeper than your average travel biography into questions that cut to the heart of the human condition.


It challenges and encourages readers to think harder about the meaning of life and to commit to staying true to themselves no matter what others think.