Seed of Change

cropped-img_84171.jpgWe (Jorge Veloz and I) want to meet the fellow seekers who seek the meaning of life like us and talk to them to our hearts’ content. We believe that our fellow seekers are waiting for us to share their struggling, enthusiasms for their dreams, and curiosity about life itself with us all over the world.

We will plant the seed of change into the world for people like us who have never been able to lift their voices and express their hatred, their rebellion, their frustration, their legitimate indignity. We will try to change the hearts of men and urge you to become completely yourself, so utterly faithful to the active seed which Nature has planted within you. We sincerely believe that we were not born to slave a job which we detest; we were born to do what our hearts desire. As you already know, life is only one time, so we want you to enjoy your life to the utmost. Our policy has always been to burn our bridges behind us; our faces are always set toward the future. We just want to see a better world, that’s all. Just Enjoy – Life is fun to live!

Whether we can alter the condition of modern society will remain to see.

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