Every single person has his own opinions because every single person is different from other people and is unique fundamentally. Therefore, it is natural for us to have augments sometimes, but one should not force other people to believe that his opinion is right. One should listen to what others think and learn the different way of thinking, but one must stand for his opinions which distinguish us from each other. As a result, let us content within ourselves, but do not make a fight over difference of opinions since it is ridiculous. Strindberg comically wrote the subject of opinions in Dream Play:

(The Chancellor enters with the Deans of Theology, Philosophy, Medicine, and Law)

Chancellor: It’s this business about the door, of course! – What do you think about it, as Dean of Theology?

Dean of Theology: Speaking theologically, I don’t think, I believe…credo…

Dean of Philosophy: Speaking philosophically, I consider…

Dean of Medicine: Speaking medically, I know…

Dean of Law: Speaking legally, I withhold judgment until I’ve seen the evidence and heard the witnesses.

Chancellor: They’re starting of fight again… Let me hear first from theology.

Dean of Theology: I believe this door must not be opened since it conceals dangerous truths.

Dean of Philosophy: The truth is never dangerous.

Dean of Medicine: What is truth?

Dean of Law: Whatever can be proven by the testimony of two witnesses.

Dean of Theology: With two false witnesses anything can be proven – by a crooked lawyer.

Dean of Philosophy: Truth is wisdom, and wisdom and knowledge are the core of philosophy… Philosophy is the science of sciences, the sum of all learning, and all other sciences are its servants.

Dean of medicine: the only science is natural science. Philosophy is not a science. It’s only empty speculations.

Dean of Theology: Bravo!

Dean of Philosophy (to the dean of theology): So, you say bravo! And what are you? You’re the archenemy of all learning, the very opposite of science. You are ignorance and darkness…

Dean of medicine: Bravo!

Dean of theology (to the Dean of Medicine): Look who’s shouting bravo now! Someone who can’t see beyond the end of his nose except through a magnifying glass! Someone who believes only what his deceptive senses tell him: your eye, for example, which could be far-sighted, bleary-eyed, cross-eyed, one-eyed, color-eyed, red-blind, green-blind, just plain blind…

Dean of medicine: Idiot!

Dean of Theology: Jackass! (They begin to fight.)

Chancellor: Stop that! I won’t have my deans squabbling among themselves.

Dean of Philosophy: If I had to choose between the two – theology or medicine – it would be neither!

Dean of Law: And if I were the judge in a case involving the three of you, I’d find against you all!… You can’t agree on a single thing and never could… Back to the business at hand! Chancellor, what is your opinion about this door and whether it should be opened?

Chancellor: Opinion? I don’t have any opinions. I was appointed the government only to see to it that you educate students instead of breaking each other’s arms and legs in committee meetings. Opinions? No, I’m very careful about holding opinions. I once had some opinions, which I debated, but my opponent immediately refuted them… Perhaps now we can open the door, even at the risk that it conceals dangerous truths.

Dean of Law: What is truth? Where is it?

Dean of Theology: I am the truth and the life…

Dean of Philosophy: I am the science of all sciences…

Dean of Medicine: I am exact science…

Dean of Law: And I object! (They begun to fight)

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