Mexican Rhapsody by Shogo Onoe

IMG_8438Life goes on. Where am I? I am still in Mexico and enjoying my life with my friends. It is still hard for me to grasp what has actually happened and still hard for me to believe that one’s life can change dramatically such a short span. Life works in mysterious ways. Four months ago, I was a slave and utter failure in Japan; I was isolated and cut off from Japanese society; I was like a wondering Jew in my own country without a single friend. I did not understand why I had to borne the sorrowful cross on my back for such a long time, since what I wanted to do was only one thing: just being true myself all the time. Jesus was crucified, for he showed the truth to the world; I was rejected by my own countrymen, for I tried to express my true feelings. The truth is that I am different from my fellow countrymen; in fact, I am indefinitely different from them. And I cannot change that, since this is who I truly am, totally unique individual. If being true myself causes me to separate from my own countrymen, I am gladly ostracized from Japanese society.

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