I’m So Happy Right Now

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The New Year has been coming. I am celebrating on the Happy New Year 2010 with my friends in Playa Del Carmen. Fifth Avenue is so crowded with excited people from all over the world. Ramon is shouting, “Hey, man, have you ever seen so many beautiful women to gather on one street? Welcome to Paradise!” The loud music is everywhere, and fireworks are being shot under the winter stars. People are shouting, “Happy New Year!” to each other, kissing each other, hugging each other, and dancing with joy. With tears on my eyes, I think that I have never seen people who are so full of life with sheer happiness in Japan, where I have only seen spiritually dead people. I ask myself, “Is it real? Can life change so dramatically by just changing a climate?”

I am trying to reach my friends, but I am not able to move freely because of excited mobs. People are constantly hitting my shoulders against their shoulders. However, it does not make me irritated a wee bit, since I am so happy and so excited about having been given the wonderful opportunity to start a new life in Mexico. I am surreptitiously whispering, “Thanks” to God for not abandoning one of his innocent lambs, and I am bowing down with my head almost touching on my knees. Whispering to God makes me delirious, so I start yelling at the top of my lungs, “Thanks Jesus in heaven, I am not in Japan anymore, and my tribulation is finally over!” Ramon is looking at me with a huge grin and says, “You’re too happy to be out of your mind, eh? Forget about your miserable Japan, you’re being in the safe continent now, ha-ha-ha. You know, I’m so happy right now, too, because you’re here to be spending the beginning of New Year with us. Thanks for staying with us for a while. It’s a real privilege for us to be having you stay at my apartment.” I think to myself that I have never heard of such benevolent words from Japanese bastards from whom I have only received false affections.

I am still flabbergasted to this day that how Lord Almighty decided to send the faithful brown angels at the precious time when I could no longer endure my sufferings anymore in order to rescue me from my everlasting nightmare.

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