I’m a Human Being

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As soon as we arrive at Jonathan’s, he starts confessing me, “I don’t understand the way of Japanese life. It doesn’t make any sense to me. As I told you before, I didn’t look for any permanent job after my graduation, because I didn’t want to participate in Japanese nonsense age structural society. I don’t understand why I have to respect and use polite words for a person who just happens to be a year older than me. It’s crazy – it also corrupts Japanese because most Japanese are nobody. It’s very sad fate to be born as Japanese, indeed. I guess nobody respects ordinary Japanese because they are nonentities. Consequently, they invented the age structural society so that older people are respected by younger people. In doing so, they feel important among themselves and no longer feel useless. They always want to be respected because of their insignificant existences, so immediately they meet a person who is just a year younger than themselves, they become arrogant and behave condescendingly as if they knew everything under the sun and as if they were better than him. It’s so ridiculous to me, you know, Mr. Onoe, as soon as they know they are older than me, they completely change their attitude toward me and even their way of language. At the first, they talk to me with polite language because they don’t know how old I am, but as soon as they discover they are older than me, they start looking down on me. That’s why I didn’t want to work for a company where the situation is worse. As an employee, I can’t say anything on my mind to my boss, but just obey what my boss says even if my boss orders me to do total nonsense and gives me a boring joke – I have to obey and pretend to laugh at ridiculously boring jokes which make me suffer a lot. However, my colleagues seem not to care as long as they are paid. It seems to me that they are not human beings, but just a bunch of money mongers. I sometimes wonder if they have any feelings and pride. I’m a human being, Mr. Onoe; it doesn’t suit me because I am not a machine and have feelings. I can’t work like a robot –”

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