I Just Want to Enjoy My Life and Work for Myself

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I open the window in my small room to look up the sky and make sure that today is a clear sky; I want to stroll around the park so that I can be at peace and be relaxed. Before going out, I checked my e-mail inbox and received a message from my good friend Jorgito. It is a panic-stricken e-mail, actually to the point of desperation:

Dear Shogo,

Are you still alive, my brother? Are you still working? Have you quit your stupid job already? If you have not, I sincerely hope that you will quit your job as quickly as possible, so that you can enjoy your freedom and concentrate on your mission as a writer. I always remember our talks. Remember, Shogo, we always talked about the meaning of life, the society system, our adventures, beautiful women all over the world, Prison Break, and so on when you were in Mexico. I miss our talks and you so much. I am not gay, but I love you very much as a friend. But now I am surrounded by imbeciles every day.

I am writing to you at Starbucks, because I do not have any place to eat lunch in my office, where my stupid colleagues are everywhere talking about the fucking job. I hate my job and my colleagues so much. Today my boss is pressuring me too much again, and he told me that I have to work on this Saturday and Sunday, too. I do not understand why I have to work on the weekend. I am feeling like I am a nigger slave, shit! I really think that my boss is incurably retarded. I really want to quit my job, but people always say foolish things to me: “Why do you want to quit your job when you can earn a good salary?” “You have to think about your future more seriously because you are over thirty years old now” “Are you crazy because you have just started working here and actually have been here only for a month, but you are already thinking about quitting a job again?”

I think that mediocrities cannot understand our way of lives, my brother. I am so frustrated by the situation I am in. I am always agitated when thinking about a job. I really do not want to participate in this part of the world society system, do not agree with it, and do not want to be a slave. I just want to live according to my own system. You know, I am talking about the right system… because it is so simple that I just want to enjoy my life and work for myself.

I am really worried about my illness, because I went to a bathroom seven times yesterday and am having fucking diarrhea today. I really think that the irritated job makes my illness worse because of unbearable stress. How about your stomach? Still bleeding from your ass? Shogo, I am worried about your health, too. You have to quit your job before it makes your health destroyed incurably. Please do not waste your time. I know that you have a talent, so focus only on writing.

For the sake of my health and life, I swear to Lord Almighty in heaven, I am going to quit my fucking job as soon as possible, even after the lunch break! I mean it! I am not joking, Shogo. I will do it! As soon as I quit my job and become free, I will let you know. Because I need to be free, my brother! I do not need to have a boss, do not need to have a fixed schedule, do not need boring meetings, etc. Tell the truth, I am scared to death of quitting my job because if I do, I will not have any income. I am so worried about that. Honestly, I can no longer endure working for my company. I mean any companies. But the problem is always fucking money. I am feeling so confused and do not know what I am supposed to do! I just know that I must be strong enough to complete my mission! Shogo, please tell me what I have to do. I trust you. If you say that I have to quit the job tomorrow, I will do it. I need your encouragement!

Well, we must always contact each other and must always support each other. Do not forget your mission because it must be more important than anything else. Start writing your book as soon as possible because I really want to read your book. Hope I can see you very soon. Take care, my Japanese brother!

Your fellow sufferer,


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