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In all my life, I have heard a bunch of people say, “I don’t know what to do with my life?”  Every time I hear it, I fervently thank Load Almighty for being born under the lucky stars. In my case, it was not difficult for me to find out what I want to do with my life.

How to Find What You Want to Do with Your Life

I thank God every morning for making me realize what I want to do for the rest of my life in the early stage of my life.  I realized what I want to do for the rest of my life when I was 17 years old. But it is totally a different matter from realizing what you want to do with your life and actually doing it. I was afraid of taking a risk to walk on my private destiny ultimately, so it took me for almost a decade to determine to walk on my private destiny for the rest of my life, no matter what. 


I believe that most people know what they want to do for the rest of life, but they are afraid of taking a risk to go for it. As a result, I believe that you know how to find what you want to do with your life. However, I will write down here how to find it so that you can remember again what you want to do for the rest of your life.

Best Real Life Solutions If You Don’t Know What Do With Your Life

  • Talk to your heart in earnest
  • Remember what your dreams were when you were a child
  • Think about what your fervent passions are
  • Introspect yourself what makes you truly happy and excited
  • Listen to what your heart wants
  • Stop lying to yourself
  • Start telling the truth to yourself
  • Stop thinking what other people think of you
  • Start thinking what you think of yourself


You Will Never Be Ready to Start Doing What You’ve Always Wanted

Many people say, “I will quite a job and start doing what I really passionate about when the time is right, I cannot travel around the world right now because it is not right time for me, I cannot spend my time on my dreams because I am so busy right now, but I believe that I will be able to have time in a couple of years, etc.”  The truth be told, there is no right time for you to start what you have always dreamt of: You will never be ready to start what you truly want. You just start doing what you’ve always wanted to do, then you will be ready along the way. Because when you follow your heart and do what you always wanted to do, miracles start occurring in your life which you have never expected. When I decided to knock about the world, I was not ready, even I could not speak English. However, I did it anyway. “Then what happened,” you say? I say, “MIRACLES OCCURED.” I talked about appreciating for having a free spirit in Liberation – Seeking the Meaning of Life:

“How about you, Jorgito? How is your business going on?” The food is served, and he eats like a beast of nature, “Sorry, Shogo, I’m starving. The food is very delicious, eh?” “Yes, my friend. Very delicious and cheap indeed.”


He wipes his lips with a napkin and replies, “I’m building three houses in Toluca right now, as I told you. Of course, I have some problems, but I can’t complain because at least I am free to enjoy eating lunch with you. You know, I am a little bit worried about whether I can sell houses soon because I don’t have enough money now. I know, Shogo, thinking about money is stupid, but living in this frivolous society system, we need money, you know. If I want to go to Excess to enjoy dancing with sexy vaginas, I need money, ha-ha-ha… I need to fill my gas to go to Toluca, need money to pay a rent, bills, etc. I need money to buy some food; you know, everything requires money. I hate this foolish society system. I try to enjoy my life, but always stupid money makes me anxious.”


I drink water and say, “I completely understand how you feel. Frankly, I don’t have much money now either, but I’m so content with few possessions because how many Japanese have a wonderful friends like me? How many Japanese have the opportunities to have such great experiences like me? How many Japanese have the privilege to stay in Mexico for gratis to be granted to do what they want to do for their lives? A few or none.”


“Of course, no Japanese have such wonderful experiences like you – I guess you are the only Japanese, who has the great opportunity to stay in Mexico without worrying about anything, because you have good Mexican friends. And this is your seventh time to come here. You are almost Mexican, man, ha-ha-ha… you’re really enjoying your life and living on extraordinary life, Shogo.”


“You are right, my friend – if I worked in Japan and never quit my job to take a vacation, I might’ve had enough money to enjoy luxuriating, but I would never experience what I have been through and couldn’t have built good friendships with Gerardo, Ramon, and you. I am thankful to God for having a free spirit and not being obsessed with money. You, too, my friend, before quitting your job, you were constantly depressed and never had time to enjoy your life; however, you now have time to enjoy spending time with me or whatever your heart desires to do, because you are your own boss, and you’re living your life in your own sweet way. You might not have enough money, but you have your own life and time to enjoy. I suppose it’s everything.”

Never Give Up

Never give up when you are stuck and don’t know what to do with your life. When you start doing what you love the most and walking on your private destiny relentlessly, you will encounter many disappointments and feel discouraged often, but do not let them stop you! It will be a long road to be ready to really begin what you are supposed to do; yes, it is really a long road that you cannot imagine. I know this since it had taken me for eight years to be ready to begin writing the very first line in my first book. However, it is much worth to persist it, instead of doing what you hate for the rest of your life. Here is the description of my anguish in Liberation – Seeking the Meaning of Life:

Sometimes we cannot explain how a certain thing occurs in our lives. Usually, it is the most crucial thing, which you have fervently craved your entire life. You cry, scream, gibber, pray, and curse, but it never budges. Out of desperation, you swear that you will abandon your faith in Almighty God and will forever turn your back on Him while making the silliest defiant expression on your face. But it is not enough. In order to show your everlasting agony and disappointment with Him, you start pulling your hair out hysterically, dance sacrilegiously and spit up to the heavens insolently, but it still does not budge a wee bit. It has become beyond your comprehension; you become dispirited to the point of giving it up – that moment, the thing somehow befalls upon you out of the blue.

Why Don’t You Start Something You Truly Love

If you are afraid of taking a risk to quit a job to start doing what you truly love, why don’t you start doing a small thing first. Then, you will know how happy you are when you start doing what you love even if it is a small thing. Life is supposed to be fun, so why don’t you start doing what you love every single day? We are going to die eventually, so why don’t you enjoy your life at the most, instead of regretting what you haven’t done in old age? One day Gerardo, who is one of my best friends, decided to start something he truly wanted and jabbered it away like a happy moonstruck in Mexican Rhapsody – Having a Second Chance:

While his quest for true love is a work in progress, he lugubriously felt that something was missing in his life. One day he came back to the apartment with a heart full of excitement and as proud as a peacock. He announced, “What? Are you still writing? Shogo, you need to take a break, man. I don’t want to disturb you, but you got to listen to me. Do you remember what I told you five days ago? I told you that I need to find something I really like so that I could be happier. In short, I’ve decided to join an American football team. I’ve already signed up and bought all football equipment and gear which are in my car, so I’ll show them to you later.”


I was so astonished by his foolishness and admonished, “Idiot, are you out of your mind? Do you really think that you can play American football? Look at yourself, man! You are as weak as a sad autumn fallen leaf. To top it off, your legs are as thin as chopsticks. They’ll smash like a tiny cockroach. It’s sheer suicide, my friend. Do you really think that you’re able to compete with strong muscle dicks? For the love of God, please reconsider!”


“Shut up, man! Do you really think I’m not strong enough to withstand their tackles? You’ll see how strong I am. You won’t believe in your own eyes how I’ll knock muscle sons of bitches about like ninepins. Indeed, I can brow them into thin air by a single fart, as if a cannonball blasted right beside them. You’ll see, my friend!”


“Okay, okay, cool down, idiot. If you say so, I’m not going to stop you. Anyway, how much did you pay for all of them?”


“I paid seven thousand and five hundred pesos.”


“What? It’s too expensive, man!” I exclaimed.


“I know, my friend, but listen to me,” he lit a cigarette and made a clean breast of his conviction, “I really need to change. I really want to try something I truly love. Since I was a little boy, I’ve loved watching American football games. However, I had never dared to play it. To tell the truth, Shogo, you’ve inspired me. Since you came back to Mexico City, you’ve written your book relentlessly like a blissful moonstruck. I thought I should start something I truly love so that I could get the same zeal toward life as you.”




“As you wish, my friend. By the way, I’m happy for you because you’ve finally started doing what you really love.” I drank a sip of the cold Fresca in my hand and asked, “How many days are you going to practice a week?”


“Thanks, my friend. I’m so excited,” he smiled and gushed with pride, “I’m going to practice twice a week from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. I know it’s too late, but I have no choice because other teams are using the field. Furthermore, I promised my sweet Jessica that I’ll start jogging around La Condesa after work every day. As you correctly observed before, my legs are not strong enough right now, but in a month, you won’t recognize me, for I’ll be as strong as Clark Kent, ha-ha-ha….”


Believe in Yourself

Believe is the most important thing when you don’t know what to do with your life. Be ready to walk on your private destiny and start doing what you have always dreamt of: Believe in yourself ultimately. If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will believe in you. You ought to be the most ardent fun of yourself and cheerleader for your mission in this life. You got believe in yourself, for you are about to walk on the most difficult road to make your dreams come true. If you don’t believe what you are doing, you are tantamount to wasting your precious time on this delightful earth. Here is the description of how I decided to leave everything behind and walk on my private destiny relentlessly in Mexican Rhapsody – Having the Second Chance:

The following week I went to see the Dean of English. Tim has known me since I was his student a year ago. He welcomed me with a cordial smile and proffered me a chair to sit down.

I said with anticipation, “The principal suggested that I have a conference with you.”

“Yes, I’ve been expecting you. The principal asked me to talk with your professor as well. Shogo, I remember when you were my student, you were a very quiet and peaceful person. I was quite surprised to hear about your outburst. Shogo, tell me why you think her teaching is wrong, and also tell me what you exactly said to her?”

I told him everything down to the last details, including how she suddenly stood up and shrieked in an unrecognizable voice.

He listened to me attentively, and his eyes sometimes glinted discordant behind his thick glasses. He lapsed into silence for several minutes, appearing with a complex expression on his forehead. And he uttered with a solemn look, “Shogo, may I venture to ask you if you are an artist?”

I was astonished by the straightforward question but tried to compose myself with all my might and replied gravely, “Yes, I am.”

He fell to pondering for a while and stated, “I think there is a conflict between an academician and an artist. Academicians and artists have eternal differences and stand on diametrically opposite sides; they are not meant to come together, not any more than the sun and moon were meant to be together, or ocean and mountain. They are sun and moon, Shogo; they are ocean and mountain. They are not supposed to understand each other. By the way, Shogo, who are your favorite writers? Could you allow me to know some of them so that I can understand you better?”

“I admire Knut Hamsun, Henry Miller, Hermann Hesse, Dostoevsky, Nietzsche, Strindberg, etc.”

“Hm… it looks like you’re naturally attracted to literary giants. That’s very interesting, though. I remember that I read Crime and Punishment a long time ago. I vividly remember the part in which Raskolnikov bent all the way down, leaned towards the floor, kissed Sonya’s foot, and said: ‘I was not bowing to you; I was bowing to all human suffering.’ In addition to this scene, I love the passage in which he asks her to read the part about Lazarus in Bible. It left a tremendous impact on me – I was speechless, so to speak,” he wiped the glasses with a kerchief and went on, “Anyway, sorry for the digression. The main thing is that I read your essay with much curiosity. I have to admit that it’s very well written, although I think your opinions are a bit idiosyncrasy. Shogo, did you write it yourself? Or did somebody help you?”

His skeptical question offended me to the highest degree; however, I used to be asked this sort of mocking question. Every professor asked me the same sassy question once a semester. Ergo, I replied nonchalantly, “I wrote it myself. Nobody touched it. It is immaculate. Thank you very much for the derisive question.”

His lips started twitching involuntarily, and a bitter glint appeared in his eyes. He glared at me for a while. And then he began explaining, “I talked to your professor about your essay. She told me that your essay is fascinating. She took considerable time to read it thoroughly. She thinks your creativity is too high. Your unusually high creativity caused you to stray from the topic. And I agree with her point. Your essay is quite off-topic because of your uncommonly high imagination.”

I nodded to myself apprehensively and replied, “Many thanks for your observation, in a firm voice. I very much appreciate it. But I totally disagree with your opinion. I think that creativity and imagination are imperative tools for one to write. On top of it all, imagination is everything. I think everything is crystal clear to me now. Thanks for teaching me what I don’t need to learn.”

With that, I stood up, bowed, and walked toward the threshold.

“Shogo, please wait. Allow me to ask you one last question. What do you want to do in your life?”

“Just enjoy my life.”

“What? You just want to enjoy your life?” he was flabbergasted.

I looked at his eyes squarely and nodded solemnly. And then, I stepped out of the English department with unwavering determination.

I am sure after reading this blog you will never say again I don’t know what to do with my life.

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