How Exploring New Places Can Broaden Your Perspective and Change Your Life

1. Enjoy Exploring New Places

Exploring new places can broaden your perspective on life and make you accumulated incredible experiences more than you can imagine. If you don’t explore to see the world to learn other cultures, you never know and will never know that there are actually existing better cultures and ways of life to live around the wide world somewhere other than your own cultures and your current way of life. In other words, you are unable to recognize countless possibilities that life beyond your ordinary confines, without any adventures. At any rate, you got explore the world to gain experiences and broaden your perspective on life beyond your confined horizon so that you can get the new ideas how to live a better life, gain phenomenal experiences, and realize that it is possible for you to live the life according to your heart’s prompting.

I have decided to be exploring the world to see new possibilities and learn other cultures so that I could broaden my perspective on life and change my life. To tell the truth, I dislike and disagree with the regimented unemotional Japanese system and culture, which are accepted, without question, by most people. In fact, having decided to explore the world at my early twentieth has changed my life dramatically and broaden my perspective on life immeasurably. And most importantly, I have made wonderful friends around the world who always inspire me to enjoy my life and pursue my dream come hell or high water. I have explored many countries and lived in several countries that has changed my life for good; especially, living in Canada and Mexico has changed my life for the better and broaden my perspective on life considerably.

As a matter of fact, I have written a three-book series which called “Song of Friendship”.

This trilogy is authentically written with a beautiful mix of gripping prose, astute personal reflections, and propound spiritual and philosophical musings, Song of Friendship is a compelling literary fiction adventure that offers readers a fresh and memorable tale of one man’s exodus in search of a better life.

Song of Friendship trilogy is composed of:

Book One – Liberation: Seeking the Meaning of Life

Told with engaging prose and with honest reflections on his experiences in these two radically different cultures, Shogo explores how three passionate Mexican friends transformed his worldview, along with how his wanderings unearthed astute new insights into the meaning of life. Blending spiritual revelations and philosophical musings with a unique perspective on the incredible cultural and social contrasts between Japan and Mexico, this book is perfect for anybody yearning for self-discovery, exploring, and adventure.

Book Two – Mexican Rhapsody: Having a Second Chance

Blending thoughtful philosophical and spiritual wisdom with an undying message of living your life to the fullest – no matter what other people might think – this book paints a vivid picture of one man’s exodus in search of a better life. You’ll discover how three Mexican friends transformed Shogo’s destiny, the suffocating existence he left behind in Japan, and the incredible contrasts between opposite cultures. A message of faith underlines every page, reflecting on how Shogo’s trust in God gave him the strength and the passion to find his source of meaning and dare to turn his world upside-down.

Book Three – Dance to Dreams: Making the Right Choice (newly released on July 15, 2023)

Featuring no shortage of colorful anecdotes, poignant personal reflections, and scathing critiques of what he views as a dehumanizing and controlling Japanese cultures, this literary fiction adventure challenges readers to break out of their self-limiting beliefs and stop making sacrifices that leave them feeling unhappy and unfulfilled.

So, what are you waiting for? The wide world is waiting for you! Life is only one time voyage, so you had better embark on exploring new places to gain more experiences while you have a time to do so. Enjoy your life and find out your countless possibilities by exploring new places.

2. Change Your Life for the Better

I believe that experience is everything. You must remember that you cannot buy incredible and unforgettable experiences with money and having worthwhile experiences has the power to change your life for the better. If you don’t explore the world to see the different cultures and gain different kinds of experiences from your ordinary confined life, you will never know that there are lot of opportunities to shine your unique personality out there; you will never know that there is a better way to enjoy your life than your current situation; you will never know that there is a more satisfying way of life than your current life; you will never know that there is friendlier cultures than your own culture; you will never know that there is unfathomable possibilities out there more than you can imagine; and so on and so forth.

I described in Dance to Dreams (new book) how people miss the opportunity to live a better life since they only know of their own cultures:

Most Japanese people only know of the Japanese way of life; they don’t know that there are other ways of life existing around the world – even much better than the Japanese way of life. As a result, it is impossible for Japanese people to think about what they have missed in their lives since they don’t know what they are missing: they are ignorant. JAPANSE DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY DO NOT KNOW. That is why so many Japanese always look lifeless and resigned, complain about life, say bad things about people on their backs, and gossip about people on the sly as if they talked about the weather. Becoming a champion of Japanese culture and society by knowing only the Japanese way of life is sheer madness – As Nietzsche said, “Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule.

As a consequence, you should go see the world to explore your infinite possibilities, have new experience, broaden your perspective in life, and make new friends around the world. In doing so, you will surely broaden your perspective in life. And most importantly, you will know that you can live a life that you have always wanted to live. Be an adventure who you should be – and that makes all the difference.

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