Dear Readers

I am flying to Mexico and might not update new posts for a while, but I will try do my best to share my new adventure with you!

Life begins anew, all over again. Each day is a fresh new day to live and enjoy. While being on my part time job yesterday, I felt and completely re-realized that I am nothing to do with my own country and countrymen. The simple fact that I am cut off from Japan and wish I will never return. I have never wanted to return to Japan. I am completely identified with Mexico and start considering I should become Mexican citizen. Japan is like a foreign world to me. I have already become thoroughly imbued with the Mexican Spirit and way of living, don’t you know, that my own country seems very bizarre to me. I see it with Mexican eyes, and it looks awful, very terrible to me.

I am happy to fly to Mexico tonight and happy to see my Mexican friends again.

One’s Own Right

I just want to say to all of you here: For God`s sake, do not be coward and do not be submissive! You should fight your government and society for your own right, for we know that they are wrong and impose logical trash on us. When I was trapped in Japan, my voice was not heard, and I wanted to do a lot of things, but I was restricted by others, since in Japan mediocrities are too strong, and the herd instinct spreads out everywhere like a blanket. By Jove, I had neglected to use my own right in my life; however, for heaven’s sake, I have realized and waken up that I must fight for what I faithfully believe in and must use my right to be heard my voice, because I am not a chip of wood; I am a human being with feelings. I had suffered for a long time more than necessary, but I had endured and had not been asleep. Thank God, I have learned the most essential thing: who I am, and what I must do. I have discovered that I have only one weapon on me, but it is the strongest weapon on this earth: my pen. And even my pen is stronger than atomic bombs. I have made a sacrosanct vow to myself: I will fight for my dear life with my pen. As a matter of fact, I have written the book “Liberation – Seeking the Meaning of Life, which I exploded. I am pretty sure that my book will make a lot of commotions all over the world, but if not, I would deeply regret that I did not put enough dynamites in my book.

Righteous Outrage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJorge Veloz and I hereby declare that we are doing our very best to plant the Seed of Change into men’s heart along this glorious year and scatter the Seed of Change all over the world, so that we are able to become human beings again and bring a justice into a right place. Furthermore, we will try to eradicate injustices throughout the world with all our might, so that people will be happy and be able to enjoy their lives. We intend to be much stronger and are forever ready to fight for justice, human right, individuality, and freedom.

We believe that the current society system is not merely an injustice, but, beyond all doubt, a gross injustice. And we simply do not allow people to practise a gross injustice anymore – we just cannot. So long as there shall exist, by a ram logic of government and education, a social condemnation which, the midst of civilization, artificially creates a modern slavery, and complicates a human life by superficial technology; so long as three problems of the century – the degradation of man and woman, the poverty, the social injustice – are not solved; in other words, and from a still broader view point of view, so long as ignorance and misery remain on earth, there should be a more man like us to fight for a human justice – it is a good fight and worthwhile.

Anger maybe foolish and absurd, and one may be wrongly irritated, but a man never feels outraged unless in some respect he is fundamentally right. We have felt outraged.

January 4, 2013

Jorge Veloz and Shogo Onoe


My Duty

Contemporary people always try to go up-ward, which means that they ignorantly think of rockets, space ships, extraterritoriality, Venus, Jupiter, and so on and so forth. On the contrary, I always make my own way to down-ward, which means that I attempt to return to the earth. I strongly believe that we have to embrace God`s earth again, with our dedicated hands, so that we are able to restore our hearts, justice, and goodness into the right place: become a human being again. I have already lost hope for my fellow countrymen, because it is simply too late for Japanese to be cured from modern disease: technology. However, I must prevent the world from being defiled by technology tomb-fooleries, which I honourably consider as my duty.



Jorge and I were having a brunch at Hurricane Grill. Jorge suddenly stopped eating and stared at the distance pensively for a few minutes. And then he came out with conviction, “You know, amigo, what I’ve been considering about? As you know, everything is wrong in this world, and there are a lot of injustices all over the world, because of society system, education, government, laws, stupid jobs, money, etc. And so far, many people have tried to remedy the situation, but nobody ever says forthrightly, ‘Stop! This is wrong. We must change it!’ Shogo, you might say that single voice is not enough, but I believe that sometimes only single voice has the power to alter the cause. And a good thing is that I have you, amigo. We must start yelling at the top of our lungs, ‘Stop nonsense and wake up, you people!’ – we must change the wrong society system. Shogo, I suggest you should begin to write a new book with this theme. And you should be screaming, ‘Stop! This is wrong. We must change it!’ in your new book.”

He took a bottle of beer from the table and drank it to quench his thirst.

“Amigo, the world is utterly wrong, as I said. What bothering my heart the most is that nowadays people only think of their own wellbeing; they are not concerned about other people. They are madly obsessed with money and power. In order to obtain them, they’ve operated unforgivable things, namely, drugs, wars, and human trafficking. And what’s more, they murder fellow men, ravage forests and jungles, contaminate rivers and oceans, and so on and so forth. For what? – accumulating wealth and power! What a bunch of sick bastards! I’m so angry, trust me, amigo, we’ve lived in the worst injustice world, that the history have unheard of hitherto. That’s why we must stand up and fight for what we believe in. Shogo, we have a very important mission; we must change the hearts of men, since we do not want to see our fellow men suffering from injustices anymore. We do not allow human beings to practice evildoings – no more injustice, no more murders, no more manipulated education, no more corrupt governments, no more human trafficking, and no more destruction of nature. And, amigo, you have a gift of writing; you have the talent to express what you feel. You can show the world how hopelessly wrong the current society is by your writing, amigo – this is a big responsibility. I’ll support you in every possible way I can and help you whatever you need. So, Shogo, please take the advantage of your writing ability, exhort that people must stop practicing injustices, and shower the seed of change all over the world! We will be sailing on this ship until we plant the seeds of change into the world!”