Not Tonight, Senorita, Give Me a Break

As I came back to the table, Ramon and Esteban were sharing a stripper, deeply immersed in a conversation. As soon as Ramon’s eyes casted on me, he howled, with his hands spreads horizontally, cocking his jaw, “Where are you, man? Where the hell are you, man? You’ve gone over three hours. I thought you were kidnapped. What happened, man?”

“I just gave her a good lay twice – that’s all, brother. And I didn’t go away for three hours. You exaggerated it too much, my intoxicated friend,” I could not help smiling.

“Ha-ha-ha… fucking Shogo!” he was guffawing, with his right hand on his temple and asked bewilderingly, “but you’ve surely disappeared for good two hours. What did you do for such long hours?”

I lit a cigarette and fell to mysterious silence for a while. And then I unfolded my missing two hours, “As I said, I boinked her twice. Between each interval, she gave me a massage. I was so relaxed. However, one thing kept bothering me during the fucking fiesta. She never let my pecker go – while we were talking on a bed, she desperately clutched my pecker, as if she sailed on the aggressive sea under a bad weather, with menacing breaks and as if my pecker were only her lifesaver. Can you beat it? She constantly gripped my pecker for two hours!”

“What a crazy cunt!” he was amazed, chuckling.

He drained a bottle of beer, ordered another one, and asked, “Shogo, what do you think about my new cunt? She is from Chile. She is very hot and sexy. I asked her out tomorrow, and she’s accepted it. We’re planning to go to Tulum. Of course, you have to join us, bitch. Do you think she’ll come with us?”

“I think she will. She seems to be really enjoying your company.”

Here she suddenly asked me, “Are you ready for another session with me right now?”

“Not tonight, not tonight, senorita, give me a break. Of course, I want to bang you, but not tonight, por favor.” I babbled embarrassingly.

Everyone was laughing at my remark ardently. And Esteban was patting my back cheerfully and clinking his glass to mine.


He Has Been Never Wrong

I trusted him and decided to have fun with her, since he knows all strip clubs and current practice prices in Playa Del Carmen. In fact, he is the king of strip clubs. His intention is not fornicating but simply enjoying drinking and having a gay time with sexy cunts. He never takes me a dump place; he knows where our wishes are fulfilled. I still remember the first time he took me to Men’s Club in Guadalajara. He knew about all stripper’s songs – just hearing the beginning of music, he informed me that this song is a Colombian cunt, this song is a Brazilian cunt, this song is a Russian cunt, and so on and so forth. He has been never wrong. I was astonished at his memory and admired his knowledge. It is easy for one to recognize that Ramon has been the master of cunts and studied them assiduously. The pure truth is that he was born to be the master pimp and got a talent. Consequently, once upon a time, the Japanese expatriate took the Mexican stripper’s hand gently and walked into a motel with tremendous erection.

Quite a Knock-off Deal

As we paraded into Chilly Willys, a waiter was dashing toward us and welcoming us by saying, “We’re ready to offer excellent girls for you tonight.”

Ramon was reconnoitering the place without delay and affirmed, “They have some sexy cunts here. Let’s enjoy, bitch!” And Esteban could not compose his excitement and yelled at a waiter even though he was standing right beside him, “Hey, we need a table right beside the main dance stage for three people!” And he nodded, “Shogo, just relax. I can take care of it. I love it here very much. Look over there, can you see two whores shaking their ass invitingly. I’m dazzling, ha-ha-ha….”

Ramon and Esteban had already chosen their vaginas and engrossed in talking with them. On the other hand, I could not find any vagina although my faithful waiter constantly brought them to the table as if I were Don Quixote. Tonight I was feeling that I did not want to have just intercourse; I was feeling that I need a human talk. Ergo, I obviously needed a vagina who spoke English. I at last chose a Guadalajara vagina, who had curly blond hair, magnificent teats, brown eyes, and moderate ass. She was short and beautiful. She told me that every three months she goes back to Guadalajara and enjoys spending time with her friends. And nobody knows that she is working as a stripper. And then she comes back to Play Del Carmen and works for another three months. This has become her routine. “Nothing is new and special. Every stripper tells me the same old dance and song. I need a special striper who admits that she was born to be a striper – taking off her clothes proudly, dancing lasciviously, and fornicating like a nymphomaniac is her virtue. I need a striper who is serving her client with her body and soul, but I don’t need a bull-shit story!” I thought to myself disappointingly. Anyway, she offered me to bang her for two thousands pesos. It was quite a knock-off deal, so I told Ramon. He slipped a horse wink and nodded three times, which means that Ramon Garcia was proud of me picking up such a gorgeous whore. He concurred with shinning eyes, “It’s extremely cheap, man. Two thousands pesos, including a room is a sheer bargain. It’s usually between three thousands and five thousands pesos. Besides, she is very hot, man. You should bang her, bitch. Trust your pimp master.”

Universal Refuge

Later on, Ramon revealed me the truth that Esteban is married. He always takes a business trip every three months, comes to Play Del Carmen, and stays at Ramon’s apartment. Actually, he has no business in Playa Del Carmen at all, except visiting a table dance. Integrating with international whores is his solo purpose. And once upon a time, Esteban slept with his cousin. He used to say that his cousin was a universal refuge. However, she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore that hurts him so much. And the upshot is that he misses her huge teats dearly. Therefore, he constantly looked forward to having the business trip. Needless to say, this was his secret recipe for maintaining his marriage.

The following night, Ramon was too excited about the night adventure, since he got a permission to go out. First of all, we went to Fifth Avenue to eat dinner, and then we sailed in Marlins Men’s Club. However, Esteban did not like the ambiance of the place and also could not find any whores he would like to dance with, so we finally decided to change the place. Ramon insisted to take care of a bill by winking, “Bitch, I got it. Don’t spend your money, for you’ll definitely need it later. Tonight you must need to get laid, so save it for a higher purpose, ha-ha-ha….”

You’re Totally a Different Origin

I was wondering what Ramon told him about me, for he started referring a night adventure without any preliminaries, as if we had already agreed with the plan and just made sure of a final date. Apparently, Ramon told everyone about our legend of a five-consecutive-night orgy at Men’s Club. He loved this kind of a crazy adventurer more than anything, I know. In addition, I was informed that Esteban was coming here for his business, so I inquired perplexedly, “But Ramon told me that this is your business trip, so I guess you’ll be very busy.”

“Don’t worry about it, Shogo. I can finish my job by tomorrow at noon if I want. Hope you’ll be ready for tomorrow night. Ramon disclosed me that he had some marriage trouble recently, so he’s not sure whether he can join our initiative. But I hugely count on your presence for tomorrow night.”

“Sure, why not? I’ll be certainly ready for the initiative. Just let me know what time we should meet up, okay?” I answered in as a matter of fact tone.

“You’re as astounding as Ramon told me. You know, Shogo, Japanese are very shy and boring creatures, but you’re totally a different origin. Everyone tells me that you have a Mexican spirit and enjoy your life enormously. No one recognizes you as a Japanese bird, ha-ha-ha…,” he was laughing, patting on my back elatedly.