I’m Bursting Out From Sheer Happiness

I was tremendously happy with a quivering joy shooting through me, and I felt the world prostrating before me. As soon as she was gone, I spun around to the direction of Hastings Campus and saw that someone was waving his right hand to me with an amiable grin. It was Gerardo. He was standing on Hastings Street with a cigarette in his left hand and was late for the class as usual. “Hey Shogo, how are you? Is Clarissa your girlfriend? She is amazingly beautiful. What just happened there, man? I saw she was kissing you, ha-ha-ha…,” he said, full of curiosity.

“She has just become my girlfriend. I just told her about my love. How long were you here? Did you watch everything?”

“Of course, man. I witnessed everything, ha-ha-ha. You are very lucky, Shogo. I know that everyone likes her so much because she is so beautiful, but she only talks to you. I’ve seen that she’s ignored guys trying to talk with her many times. What is your magic, man? Congratulations, my friend!”

“Thanks, Gerardo. I’m bursting out from sheer happiness, ha-ha-ha.”

He offered me a cigarette and lit it for me. And he asked, “Shogo, could you do me a big favor? Of course, you know Maria, who is Clarissa’s friend. I like her very much. She is very beautiful, too. I know Maria is your friend, since I have seen Clarissa, Maria, and you talking together many times. Could you introduce me to Maria? You just have to invite her Cambie Pub on the Friday. And of course, you have to tell her about my good points. I want to be her boyfriend, of course. I’m counting on you, man, ha-ha-ha. I just want to touch her ass. She has an amazing ass, isn’t she? If I can touch her huge ass, you know, if I can rub on her enormous ass once, I can die with no regret. Let me have an opportunity to caress her ass, man, please, ha-ha-ha….”

Twenty-Three Summers Were Behind Her

This idea sounded good to me and cheered my spirit up. Finally, I decided to get rid of the French Chimpanzee at any coast and said to him with a determined voice, “Can you kindly go to the class alone because I need to talk with her?”

“Okay, why not. You need to talk to her? I understand. I’ll see you there, Shogo,” he went away disappointedly.

Her name is Clarissa. She has a beautiful china blue eyes and smooth blonde hair. She looks like a European and is like an angel from heaven. Twenty-three summers were behind her.

We were in the corner of Hastings Street under the tree. “You said that you want to tell me something. What is it, Shogo?”

I was extremely nervous, but to prevent stammering, I tried to say slowly, “Clarissa, I had wanted to tell you about something so simple for a long time. Probably, you have already realized how I am feeling toward you. I just want you to know that I like you very much. Will you be my girlfriend?”


She looked at the other way for a second and then stared at my eyes. And said, “I quite don’t understand. Could you repeat it, Shogo, please?”

“I just want you to know that I like you very much and want you to be my girlfriend,” I looked at her eyes with heart a full of love.

“I’m so sorry. It’s quite the difficult grammar for me, so I didn’t understand perfectly, but I do now,” she was laughing.

“Me too, I like you very much. I’m happy to be your girlfriend,” she replied with joyful tears on her eyes. “I have to go to the class. Shogo, will you wait for me in front of the Heisting Campus after class?”

She hugged me and kissed me on my lips. It was the first time she kissed me. And then she walked on with wiping her tears.

I’ll Give Him the Final Warning

The bright sun was on the sky with autumn wind, and I was head over heels in love with a Brazilian girl. I decided to tell her about my love, so one day I asked her to eat lunch together. My initial plan was that I would ask her out somewhere and tell her about my love, but alas, everything went wrong from the start. We were having lunch at Blenz Coffee. It was a very clear sky and a balmy weather with gentle breeze, so we decided to eat outside of the café on the side of Granville Street. It had been perfect so far indeed. While we were talking, I was surreptitiously thinking how to bring about the main subject. Suddenly, an unforeseen nightmare had fallen upon me. My French classmate showed up out of nowhere and said, “Hey Shogo, what are you doing? Is she your friend?”

“I’m talking with my friend,” I replied tersely with a bit irritation.

To my great surprise, she said to him, “Why don’t you join us?”

As soon as he heard her invitation, he sat down our table and joined our conversation. This was a kind of death sentence to me. I was so mad at the French imbecile. “Why in the name of God does the insensitive son of bitch decide to join us? Is he totally blind? Can’t he understand from my face that I am doing a very important mission as a life and death operation?” I thought. I was starting to concentrate on one thing with all my energy: how to get rid of the French bastard as quickly as possible. I was constantly checking the time because in ten minutes, afternoon class would begin. I talked to myself under my breath while they were chatting trivial things: “Don’t be jealous of him, Shogo, because he is as ugly as sin and looks like a shame-haired chimpanzee. Let her talk with the French chimpanzee as long as he is stupid enough for daring to ask my angel out because he is nothing, zero. Just concentrate on how to execute your mission. The time has been elapsing quickly, so you have to think fast, idiot! Yes, as soon as we stand up for the afternoon class, I’ll give him the final warning. That is all. I don’t care what the French chimpanzee will think of me. And then I’ll let her know that I have something important to tell her.”

I’m Waiting for My Chance

I have been in Mexico for three days now. I am living in Condesa. We are three people at the apartment, Gerardo, Andrea, and me. Andrea is our roommate. She is as pretty as Gerardo triumphantly said and is a nice person. She accepted me staying at the apartment as long as I need and promised to support me in finding a job. It seems to me that everything is getting along smoothly and that whole universe is helping me to succeed in my new adventure.

Gerardo informed me, with his indulgent smile while we were driving to the apartment from the Mexico City Airport, “Shogo, Andrea is so beautiful. You’ll see her very soon. I am in love with her.”

“What? You are in love again? Are you serious on this time?”

“I don’t know, man, because I’ve never asked her out, so I don’t know about her very well. I should go out with her several times before I completely let myself fall for her. I suppose I like her very much, but I first have to know about her better.”

“Idiot, why have you never asked her out? It’s easy for you to invite her somewhere now because you’ve been living with her under the same roof. How long have you been living together?”

“Just three months, man. And she has a boyfriend right now. That’s why I’ve never asked her out. That’s why, my friend. I’m waiting for my chance!”

“What? You’ve been living with her under the same roof for three months and never made any move? Oh my God, are you becoming a coward again? Who cares if she has a boyfriend or not? If she were a married vagina, it would be totally different matter. My advice is that you should ask her out as soon as possible, man.”

“Just wait, man! You’ll see my courage soon. It’s easy for me to ask her out. Very easy indeed. I’m just waiting for the right moment to execute my mission, ha-ha-ha….” Such is my best friend Gerardo.

He was seventeen years old when I met him the first time in Vancouver. We had been attending the same language school. ILSC is the name of school. It was the first of September when we became classmates. It was the extraordinary incident, since we had already talked to each other animatedly as though we were boyhood chums and planned to go to Cambie Pub on Friday night, notwithstanding it was our first meeting. We always went Cambie Pub every Friday after school; it had become our tradition. The most incredible thing was that he was always there magically for my most important events. I still cannot believe to this day how come he had always showed his presence at the right time and at the right place in every crucial incident. I really think that it was the God’s plan for us to come to Vancouver the same year, so that we could build our everlasting friendship. I really think that we are destined to be friends; it was ineluctable because it was written by the invisible hand.

I Will Seed Indestructible Faith into My Heart

I was lapsing into reverie. Even today the pond looks filthy. I have never seen a polluted pond like this anywhere except Japan. But it is okay with me because this might be the last time for me to sit here to contemplate the pond. The time has been flying so quickly since the vital decision as if it were yesterday. I am still confounded to grasp the reality. I cannot believe that my suffering is going to be over tomorrow and still cannot believe that I am going to start a new life in Mexico. I had thought that it would be impossible for me to escape from Japan this time, but unexpectedly my good Mexican friends have rescued me from my helpless tribulations. They are my real friends, and I am proud of having such amazing friends. Indeed, it is a wonderful feeling to have such good friends. Our friendship has begun since 2001, and our bonds have been become stronger and more solid, year by year. I consider that it is a miracle, because I have been in Japan, Australia, and Canada; they have been in Mexico – but we somehow have managed to see each other at least twice a year somewhere for nine years. I really think that God made me to go to Vancouver nine years ago, so that I could meet Gerardo and Ramon as well as Jorgito in Mexico. I owe them a huge favor for this unexpected new adventure that might change my life forever. I know what they expect me to do in Mexico: start writing my book. I know that I have still a tiny doubt for myself and still do not believe in my own power entirely. That is why I have never gotten started. If I am able to believe in my own power fully and am able to get rid of my doubt in Mexico, it will be tantamount to everything. My adventure might end very soon if I cannot find a job or I cannot start writing my book over there, but these are not important for me anymore. My only goal of this new adventure is that: I will seed indestructible faith into my heart. In all my life I had wanted to be liberated from Japanese social sphere, but it is not just an act of escaping from Japan that will make me liberated fully. It is just a delusion. Being liberated means that one must get rid of any doubt in his heart and believe in his own power unconditionally. If I can achieve these states, I am perfectly sure that I will become who I truly am and will have peace at my heart. I had been like a bird who is locked in a miserable cage and is about to die from the suffocation of loneliness. But my Mexican friends have opened that door of the cage so that I can fly away to the world. I am going to fly to my friends tomorrow, and I promise myself that I will never let them down again.