The Same Old Song And Dance

I am being on the way to the office for paying a visit to Jorgito. His life has changed somewhat since Heather’s arrival. He has rented an apartment and lived with her in Queretaro for two weeks. However, during a week, he stays at his parents’ house in Mexico City due to his business.

It is getting around 7:00 p.m. when I come to the office. As soon as I emerge from the threshold, Jorgito’s face brightens. He welcomes me jubilantly, “Thanks for stopping by, brother! I know you’re very busy with writing, but you know, I want to talk with you and miss you so much. Now you no longer spend time with us anymore due to your mission as a writer. I know you have to write every day to finish your book as soon as possible, but I want to enjoy my life with you while you’re in Mexico, you know….”

“Don’t worry, Jorgito, this is my break time, so you’re not disturbing me. And also, you should know that you’re always welcome,” I point out amiably, “remember, amigo, I’m always available for you. But you should understand that this is my big chance to change my life, and I must complete writing the book in a month.”

“Of course, I understand you thoroughly,” he nods and goes on, “I really want to read your book as soon as possible. I hope you can complete it soon, so that we can sail in a table dance, ha-ha-ha…. By the way, how is your stomach? Getting better?”

“Yes, it’s much better; thanks for asking,” I say happily, “my stomach is indeed getting better. The good thing is now that I don’t need to be worried about diarrhea anymore!”

“Shogo, remember when we had a job, we constantly had ulcerative colitis attack. We had to go to a fucking bathroom over six times a day. It was horrendous. I know every doctor says they don’t know the cause of illness, but I’m pretty sure that stress makes our illness worse. Look, amigo, I’m now free as a lord and work for myself, and you, too, you’re free and doing what you love every day. And our digestions are getting better. What do you think?”

“I totally agree with you, amigo,” I am nodding contemplatively. “In Japan, too, every doctor told me the same old song and dance that they don’t know why and how I got ulcerative colitis at the first place. But I’m sure, it’s because of stress.”

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