I Regard That the Entire World Is As My Home

Life goes on. Where am I? I am still in Mexico and enjoying my life with my friends. It is still hard for me to grasp what has actually happened and still hard for me to believe that one’s life can change dramatically such a short span. Life works in mysterious ways. Four months ago, I was a slave and utter failure in Japan; I was isolated and cut off from Japanese society; I was like a wondering Jew in my own country without a single friend. I did not understand why I had to bear the sorrowful cross on my back for such a long time, since what I wanted to do was only one thing: just being true myself all the time. Jesus was crucified, for he showed the truth to the world; I was rejected by my own countrymen, for I tried to express my true feelings. The truth is that I am different from my fellow countrymen; in fact, I am indefinitely different from them. And I cannot change that, since this is who I truly am, totally unique individual. If being true myself causes me to separate from my own countrymen, I am gladly ostracized from Japanese society.

Million thanks to my Mexican friends for liberating me! At last I have become who I truly am and begun living my life in my own sweet way. This is the first time in my life to feel that I am doing what I am supposed to do for my dear life. It is still hard for me to believe that I have finally started writing my first book, which is almost completed! It is indeed a superb feeling for me to do what my heart desires every single day, instead of doing what I hate in order to earn money. On top of it all, I feel right and that this is it. My whole being is rejoicing and acknowledging triumphantly, “This is life! Life is supposed to be fun, but not suffering.” I thank the One who created the world every day for leading me to the road, that I am supposed to walk on.

Load Almighty in heaven gives me the second chance. I had totally wasted my time in Japan in order to earn money. I was forced to pretend to be someone else in order to have a monthly salary. I was degraded to become an apple-polished slave due to my malicious colleagues. For what? So that I could keep my job! What a subdued excuse! Every time I think back to about my inferno period, I feel conscience-stricken. It is one of my unforgivable sins I have ever committed in my life: I closed my eyes to Japanese meanness, baseness, and maliciousness. To cap it all, I had committed the worst sin in my life: not living my life to the fullest.

However, I am now floating on air, because I have marvellous friends who accept me as I am. I am pleased as punch that my destiny is not in Japan; I regard that the entire world is as my home. I am grateful for my Mexican friends who have succoured me to walk on my private destiny and given me the opportunity to redeem the great crime of not living life to the fullest. I calmly burned the bridge behind me and resolutely started walking on the road, that God prepared for me – I was emancipated. Since then, I have never looked back to the past. This is a record of the man, who has undertaken a sacred pilgrimage of singing his own song on his own tune, with the determination to go through a life of hardship from one end to the other, to give battle to social dogmas, and to be punished more than enough. I am an artist, a seeker, and a confessor, obliged to sincerity. I have the truth to write upon. It might difficult for you to swallow the whole story, but it actually happened….