I Barked Good-Bye to Her

As soon as I went out, I talked to myself excitedly, “What a beautiful face she has! I have heard the countless praises of American women’s beauty. But it is beyond my expectation! I was almost asked her to marry me, notwithstanding I know nothing about her! What an attraction! Anyway, the problem is that I cannot go back to the hotel because it is too expensive for me, shit! I have to check another hotel, and then I will decide. But I have never seen such an enthralling woman in my life.

It turned out that there were no cheap hotels in the vicinity of downtown. I recalled that the Japanese agency mentioned to me that I might find a reasonable hotel in Little Tokyo, so I reluctantly decided to go there to find one. Before going there, I went to Westin Bonaventure Hotel again in order to bid farewell to her. I barked good-bye to her with watered eyes, like a beaten dog in spite of fact that I was outside of the hotel. “She heard me. She definitely heard my impassioned farewell,” I nodded satisfyingly and went away.

It was raining quite strongly, so I decided to hail a taxi. The driver asked me, “Where are you heading, sir?”

“Do you know where Little Tokyo is?”

“It’s four or five blocks away from here, sir.”

“Could you take me to there?”

“Right away. It’ll be twenty bucks, sir?”

“Are you kidding? It’s too expensive! Are you really sure that you want to charge me twenty bucks only for five blocks?”

“That’s exactly what you are asking for, sir.”

“Forget it. I’ll walk.”

“But it’s raining, sir.”

“I don’t care if the rain soaks through my underwear, I’ll walk! I am as strong as a giant, so go away!” I spit at the sidewalk challengingly.

“All right. As you wish, sir,” he drove away.

“So that’s it! This is the American way of welcoming me, namely, asking me twenty bucks for five blocks’ ride!” I shouted at the taxi wheeling away at the top of my lungs.

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