Bon Voyage!

I was stirred deeply by his affectionate words and tried to prevent tears from gushing down. And a brief silence, I stammered, “Yes, yes. You’re right about… everything, my friend. Despite everything, I want to go back to Vancouver…which I can’t explain to you correctly. But I’ll consider your suggestion with pleasure.”

He opened the drawer in his desk, fished out some cash, and said, “I almost forgot the main reason for making you to come to the office. I always enjoy talking with you enormously, so I’m inclined to forget everything and become engrossed in talking with you. Shogo, here I have three hundred Canadian dollars. Do you know why I didn’t reply to your message last night? – Because I promised to lend some money for your trip, but I actually didn’t have enough money in my bank account. I asked my mam and Javier, but they didn’t have enough money to spare either because they need some money for their own business. I was so worried about it till this morning. However, I suddenly remembered I have Heather’s money, since she left her Canadian dollars at my house the last time she came. I found only three hundred Canadian dollars, and I am little worried if it is enough for your entire trip. I am really sorry for not helping you abundantly this time; however, this is all I can do for you right now. I hope it’ll help you a bit.”

I was again profoundly touched by his goodness and replied with moistened eyes, “Thank you very much, Jorgito. I don’t know what to say because I am quite speechless right now. I just want you to know it’s more than I need, because as soon as I get the emergency card, I’ll ask my parents to deposit the money into its account. Thus, I’ll have money with me in few days. Thanks for everything again, Jorgito. I’ll enjoy this unexpected adventure to the fullest for you, ha-ha-ha.”

“I’m so delighted to be able to help you this time, my friend. You are so excited, I see. I don’t like Los Angeles, but maybe, you’ll like it there. Who knows? At last, I am mollified thoroughly, for I can help you, and you’ve become yourself again. I have to finish some work here, so it’s always ambrosia to talk with you. By the same token, you have to promise me – after the trip, you must write every day and complete your book as soon as possible because I am dying to read your book. I am pretty sure that you’re writing a magnum opus, and it’ll be a best seller, ha-ha-ha. Have a good trip, Shogo. Bon voyage!”

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