He Is Not a Stranger

As I predicted, the thing had become elaborate. I called Mizuho bank in Japan in order to try to solve the problem and even offered a number of different options, but they did not listen to anything and answered me in a matter-of-fact tone: “We can’t help you, Mr. Onoe. Besides, we can’t tell you about your pin number over the phone because of our bank’s regulation. We don’t care whether you are in Mexico or Japan, because regulations prohibit us letting our customers know about their pin number over the phone. Believe me, Mr. Onoe, it’s all for protecting our customer’s security. You’re required to show your presence to change your pin number. Your card is invalid, since you pushed the wrong number over five times. I kindly suggest you should come back to Japan to start the proper proceedings.”

I asked them to send my money to Gerardo’s bank account, but they said that they cannot do it either because they do not know who he is. I told them that he is my friend, so they do not need to worry about it. But their reply was that Japan has changed the law. We are prohibited from sending your money to a stranger’s bank account. Are they really listening to what I said? HE IS MY FRIEND; HE IS NOT A STRANGER. It was getting impossible for me to talk with the Japanese bastards, because they are just a bunch of trained monkeys who merely perform what they are taught. Every single option I offered, they turned down with a cold blood attitude.

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