I Need to Be Alone

A solemn expression appeared on his face, “Bitch, it is fucking difficult to work out the marriage,” he divulged, “I’ve been discovering her new personality every single day which I didn’t know about before being married. Every day I discover her new disposition. Sometimes I don’t even recognize her. I don’t say that I’ve discovered everything is bad, but it certainly gives enough food for my noodle to ponder over and over. I really don’t recommend you to marry anyone unless you can find the right person, but it is the most difficult business in one’s life, I tell you, because you won’t know her rightly until you live with her for a certain time. When you have boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, it’s kind of magic. You always have a good time with her because you spend only several hours with her per day. You can be alone and enjoy your private time after leaving her. The bottom line is that when you see her only for part of a day; you can only get to know about her infinitesimal disposition. She only reveals a tiny part of her disposition to you. But alas, after being married, she suddenly changes her personality and reveals everything. And it’s not everything good to eyes, trust me. I really think the most perfect relationship is boyfriend and girlfriend. After marriage, the thing just gets complicated and intricate.”

He gulped a bottle of beer and carried on, “The most irritating thing is that she always calls me to ask where I am after work, because she knows my job finishes at 6:00 prompt. I feel like a galley slave whenever I receive her call. Since being married, I’ve never had my own time. Sometimes I get so annoyed and stressed out – that’s why I decided to go to a gym every day after work, so that I can be alone at least a couple of hours a day; that’s why I chose the gym that is quite far away from my apartment. Patricia said I am crazy to choose this gym, since it is expensive and very far from my apartment; she’s reproached me that I can find a cheaper gym around my neighborhood. But I don’t care even if she disapproves of me or even if she disparages me, because I need to be alone for unmitigated relaxation sometimes; otherwise, I’ll be a paranoid bedlamite and end up in a mental asylum. Really, bitch, I sometimes get irrepressibly frustrated. When I am under this spell, I usually don’t answer my mobile phone. Of course, she yells at me hysterically when I go back to the apartment.”