She Is Not My Blood Line

“Bitch, I can tell you one thing: You shouldn’t marry unless you find the right person. Above all, you ought to do everything that your heart desires before marrying. That’s all I can say about marriage.”

“I thought she was the right person for you, and so did you. You’d been with her over six years before marrying her.”

“Yap, you are right, bitch. I’d been with her for years before deciding to get married. I thought I knew her very well; however, I’ve discovered the truth: I didn’t know anything about her personality before I married her.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Let me explain clearly, bitch. Before I married her, I saw her almost every day, but I’d spent time with her only four or five hours a day: just part of a day, so to speak. Thus, after leaving her, I was free and had my own time to enjoy. But since I married her, I have to share my private time with her as well. When I wake up, she is always there; when I eat lunch, she always insists on accompanying me; when I come back home from work, she is always there; when I eat dinner, she is always there; when I go out, she always accompanies me; when I go to bed, she always sleeps right beside me, and so on and so forth. It is suffocating to share everything with a stranger, trust me. Of course, she is my wife now, so she apparently isn’t a stranger to me in a sense, but I’m talking about before meeting her. She was a total stranger to me because she is not my blood line. Do you understand what I’m aiming at?”

“Yes, as clear as God’s blue sky. I’m getting interested. Spill out everything, Ramon! All my attention is yours. Go on!” I nodded encouragingly.