It’s Pleasure to Meet You

When we came to La Casa del Agua, a beautiful hostess greeted us. Ramon asked if they served fresh shrimp today because he knows I love it. She informed us presently that they serve very delicious shrimp and juicy steak as well.

The sight of me fascinated her. She asked amiably, “Where are you from, my friend?”


She was beaming, “I thought so. I love Japanese; indeed, I have a Japanese friend, too. How long have you known each other, guys?”

“We’ve known each other over nine years, and I’m staying at his apartment with them,” I replied.

“So, obviously, you, guys, are good friends to each other, eh?”

“More than that. He is my best friend,” Ramon chimed in.

She was so delighted to know of our good friendship. And continued, “As I told you, I have a Japanese friend; actually, she is one of my best friends. I met her in Vancouver three years ago. I love Vancouver very much. I’ve not traveled too much, but I really think Vancouver is the most beautiful city in the world. They have everything I love; I especially love Vancouver’s admirable landscape. Someday I would love to go back there. Anyway, there are a lot of Japanese and Mexicans. A strange thing happened while I was there. I had witnessed that somehow Mexicans and Japanese were getting along with each other famously there. Many Mexicans liked Japanese and vice-versa. I assume a strange chemistry was going on between Japanese and Mexicans. Maybe, their cultures are diametrically opposite from each other – that’s why they were attracted to each other like a magnet. I can’t explain this strange phenomenon. Everywhere I went, I saw Japanese and Mexicans were together having a good time.”

“Maybe, you’re right about it. As you said, our culture is totally different from Japanese culture: Mexicans are extremely friendly, and Japanese are extremely polite,” Ramon nodded affirmatively.

“Anyway, it’s pleasure to meet you, Shogo. My name is Monica. You can come back here anytime you want. Maybe, I can show you around Playa Del Carmen. If you have time, just let me know. I am always available for you. Now you know where you can reach me. Enjoy your dinner, my friend. See you around.”

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