I Always Think About Today

He suddenly asked, “What did you eat for lunch today?”

“I’ve found a cheap pizza shop on Fifth Avenue and usually eat there.”

“How much?”

“Thirty pesos for two slices of pizza and coke.”


“It’s not expensive, I see. I know you are busy writing right now. But why don’t you try to take a break at 2:00 p.m. every day and come back to the apartment to eat lunch with us? I always come back here to eat lunch around 2:00 p.m. I’ve been thinking that if you want to stay here to complete your book without taking a job, you should spend money as little as possible. You’d better start considering about the cheapest way to dispense with the daily expenses. Just consider what I’ve said, okay, bitch?”

He is always generous to me and always ruminates about my situation, as if my life were better than anything else and more important than his own life. He earnestly wants to help me to succeed in completing my book and eagerly wants to see me be recognized as a writer as soon as possible. He has never changed since I met him the first time: All in all, he has been a great friend to me.

His forever sympathetic attitude toward me touched my heart defenselessly. After the brief silence, I expressed my feelings with tears in my eyes, “Thanks, thanks, Ramon, always concerned about my circumstances. I am just happy to write every single day, so naturally, I’ve forgotten about my economic situation. I’ve never thought about money seriously in my life – I was born to be an economical dope, so to speak. I’ve always focused on one thing only, what I can achieve today. For me, I never think about the future, or I should say, tomorrow. I always think about today, nothing more and nothing less, my friend. Day by day is enough for me. But I suppose you are right about it. I should start considering about how to economize the daily expenses; otherwise, I’ll have to go back to purgatory.”

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