Understood That My Suffering Had Meaning

I decided to go to Starbucks near Ramon’s apartment, where usually only a few people occupy the second floor and where I can be all myself in order to gush down my thoughts on papers. While walking on my way to Starbucks along the golf course, I was so radiant as though I had become the sun itself because my heart was blazing ferociously. I was as light as air and gliding on asphalt like a wind. Suddenly, my eyes caught a beautiful blond mother with ocean blue eyes sitting on a bench, who was changing her child’s diaper; I thought that the mother herself needs to have her underwear changed by a Japanese caress, perhaps? I was shaking my head chidingly, “Not today, not today, sir! You have more important things to do now. Vagina can wait! Now off you go, idiot!”  

As soon as I came to Starbucks, I grabbed Java Chip Frappuccino and glided to the second floor. I completely lost the track of time and did not have any idea how long I had been writing when Ramon called me, “Hey bitch, where are you? It’s now around seven, I am waiting for you at the apartment.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know it’s been so late. I’ll be right back. Wait for me there, okay? I’ll tell you everything that has happened to me today when I am back there. Ramon, you aren’t going to believe me!”

“Hey, calm down, bitch. Do you want me to pick you up there?”

“No, my friend. I’d rather feel like walking after such an incredible experience that I’ve been through, because I’ve been blossoming the entire day.”

“Ha-ha-ha. As you wish, bitch. But come home soon, okay?”

“Like the wind!”

After I hung up the phone, I decided to read what I just had written. When I read it, uncontrollable tears were streaming down my face. It was so natural; I simply couldn’t stop them from streaming down. It showed me that I’ve always written in my head subconsciously, what I have always felt about my life and the world. It was revealed to me that I could express my feelings on papers. This realization was enough for me. I felt like being rewarded for my persistence and understood that my suffering had meaning.

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