Live Happily Ever After

“I’m starting to understand you better. As I told you, you are an extraordinary person, so, Shogo, please don’t change who you are, okay? Likewise, I am always on my way, according to my heart’s desire. Do you know why I want to have sex every day?”

“Pray tell me, I beg you, Henri. I’m dying to know about your point of view.”

He drained the glass of tequila and confided, “Shogo, you should know I’ve slept with many nationalities in my life because I very much love sex, which everyone knows. Moreover, I’ve slept with thirty-five women past three months. I’ve been to a bed with French, Mexican, Hungarian, Brazilian, Chinese, Canadian, American, Korean, Italian, Czech, African, Australian, Norwegian, Russian, Columbian, German, Argentinean women, and so on and so forth. I guess I’ve slept with most nationalities. There are only a few nationalities left for me to conquer, but Shogo, I’ve never slept with Japanese.”

He was lapsing into his own thought for a few second and exclaiming, “Oh! Shogo, I remember now. I slept with a Japanese girl in Hong Kong. Anyway, Shogo, if I meet a woman, I don’t care about her personality, and I’m not interested in talking either because my only goal is: have sex. For that reason, I always ask a woman directly if she wants to go to a bed with me or not; I don’t want to waste my time for chattering. You know, nowadays many married couples betray each other, and many married couples get divorced. I don’t want to get divorced when I get married; therefore, I give myself a certain time to enjoy having sex with as many women as I can before marrying. Of course, I love sex so much that is the main reason. Right now I don’t want to have any girlfriends and don’t want to have any relationships, but I want to enjoy getting laid as much as possible. I am twenty-seven years old now. I intend to marry when I become thirty years old. After I get married, I won’t have sex with any women except my future wife because I want to be loyal to my wife and vice-versa. I want to be a faithful husband and don’t want to be divorced. Once I get married, I want to live happily ever after. Shogo, you know now about my vision of life. Likewise, if I take a vacation, I don’t care about money either, but I truly care about enjoying the moment to the fullest. When I am in Paris, I’m not like this all the time; I am busy at work every day. However, once I take a vacation, I let myself lose for enjoyment.”

Here Ramon and Patricia were coming back to the apartment. Henri said, “Let’s go upstairs to join them. Maybe, order pizza, no? Oh, Shogo, I want to tell you one more thing. You should come to Paris someday. I know you’ll love it there, and it’s good for you to live in the Parisian atmosphere, which will nourish your soul. Moreover, Jean always asks me what you’re doing here or whether you’ve finished writing your book. He wants to help you to launch your career in Paris. He always says he’ll do all possible to make you recognized as a writer in France. Now I understand why people always believe in you and want to help you. Shogo, please try to write your book as soon as possible and come to Paris, okay?”

His last words are still lingering in my head: Paris. I have always thought that if anywhere in the wide world would give me an opportunity to get started as a writer, it would be France. I have always dreamt about going to Paris, waving my manuscript triumphantly. Maybe, Henri’s vision of life is extreme, but he surely knows what he wants to do in his life and what makes him happy. Every French person, who I have met in my life, knows how to enjoy the precious moments fundamentally, and it seems to me that they are happy just being alive. Enjoying whatever life offers them is in their blood, perhaps? What a delightful race French people are! It is no wonder that Miller ardently praised French culture and amorously enjoyed his period of life in Paris.

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