He Is Crazy About Sex

I hesitated a bit, but finally brought up the main subject, “Ramon, I’ve been suspecting he is a sex maniac. He likes sex too much, I guess. He doesn’t care how much he’ll pay for getting laid, and it seems to me that he doesn’t care whether she is beautiful or not, but he just wants to have sex every day. It doesn’t matter where he goes, and even on a street – as soon as he sees a woman, he’ll rush to hail her to strike up a conversation in order to get laid, like a possessed. Please forgive me for talking in this fashion, but it seems to me that he is quite crazy about sex.”

He guffawed happily and replied delightfully, “Ha-ha-ha, fucking Shogo. Yap, you are on the right track, man. He is crazy about sex, for sure. Let me tell you some anecdotes. When we attended ITESO in Guadalajara, we had a big party at my friend’s house. Henri was there, of course. While we were having fun, he got bored and told me that he wanted to get laid. He said if he couldn’t persuade any girl to go to a hotel with him, he would go to a table dance alone. And then he just approached a girl whom his eyes happened to lay on and said to her directly that he wanted to fuck her tonight, so let’s get the hell out of here to enjoy the night. To my astonishment, she accepted his offer; they left the party, arm in arm. Of course, he fucked her all night, ha-ha-ha. Furthermore, the other incident was quite dangerous. Shogo, remember my house in Guadalajara? One day he came to my house, and some of my friends were there. Suddenly, my mother rushed towered me with hysterical voice, screamed at me, and begged me to come to the garden to stop them. I didn’t know exactly what was going on in the garden. Bitch, you won’t believe me, what a horror I saw in the garden. When I came to the garden with great anxiety, Henri was fucking my friend in the middle of garden! Can you beat it? Believe me, Shogo, he was fucking my friend in my garden and obviously didn’t care about my mother’s presence or anyone’s presence, because he was so immersed in fucking business, ha-ha-ha. I really think he is the craziest man I’ve ever met in my entire pimp life.”

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