I Am Just Happy Being Alive

Time had elapsed quickly, and it was passing around 4:00 a.m. I was getting a little tired, so I went to my table to sit down to rest for a while. While I was relaxing blissfully, looking at people who were still dancing around and chattering away energetically, Rodrigo came to sit down beside me. He suddenly asked me, “What is your magic, Shogo? You know, actually, I’ve been drinking a lot tonight, but I can’t enjoy it fully like you. I don’t understand. You don’t drink any alcohol, but it seems to me that you are the happiest person in this evening. You look so bright and energetic. Also, you have spent a great time talking with beautiful women. You know, Shogo, I’m not drunk although I’ve drunk a lot. Please teach me how to be happy unrestrictedly like you.”

I was confused by his sudden remark and prattled, “I don’t know, Rodrigo. I can enjoy anything without alcohol. As you know, I don’t drink and don’t like alcohol. To be honest with you, I don’t like the taste of alcohol either. You want to know why I am so happy tonight, but I am sorry, I don’t know how to explain it, because I am just happy to be here, I am just happy with being alive, and I am just happy to see my friends again – that’s all, my friend. I don’t know.”

“You know, Shogo, you’ve had a serious illness. Remember, you came to Cancun about a year ago; you always went to a bathroom because of your stomach. But you enjoyed more than anybody that time as well. If I had your illness, I would be dejected, dispirited, and depressed. I couldn’t enjoy my life. But, Shogo, you seem not to care about your illness whatsoever – you enjoy life more than normal people, I mean healthy people. Sorry to say that, but I can’t stop wondering how you do it all the time.”


“I don’t know exactly what to say, but what I only know is I am just happy being alive. Moreover, I always try to enjoy life. I assume it’s because I am in Mexico and far away from Japan, which make my spirit free as a bird tonight.”

“I’d better try to be happy just being alive, as you said. Maybe, I should follow your example.”

Here Ramon came to my table to inform me that we had to go to the hotel. While Ramon was saying good-bye to everyone, delightful Henri skipped toward me and yelled at the top of his lungs, “Hey, my Shogo! Are you going with Ramon right now?”

“Hey Henri, you look so happy tonight. Yes, I have to go right now because I’m going to stay with Patricia’s parents.”

“Oh, it’s very sad news indeed because I want to talk to you anyway. Are you coming to the cruise party tomorrow?”

“Henri, I can’t because I have to go back to Mexico City tomorrow.”

“It’s heartbreaking, Shogo. Anyway, I want you to know I like you very much as a friend. Before meeting you, I already knew a lot about you as if you had been my friend in all my life, because Ramon always talks about you. You are Ramon’s best friend, which means that you are my friend, too. You are an exceptionally good person, as Ramon told me. Hope to see you again very soon. Please don’t change who you are, okay? Shogo, you are very good person, so please don’t change, my Shogo.”

Considered about You As a Special Bitch

I was thinking about Rosa’s friend, who has blonde hair and green eyes, “She is decidedly beautiful. I should talk to her. Tonight is Ramon’s wedding, so she allows me to kiss her, perhaps?” The idea of kissing her cheered me up to the God’s heaven, and I was joyfully strolling back to search for Rosa’s friend. While I was on my way to the open hall, Rosa called to me, “Shogo, come here to join us.” “What luck,” I thought.  I was just thinking to have an opportunity to have a talk with her friend, but the opportunity itself was coming to me! It was God, that I had no doubt – He had already prepared me for the stage, because the angels of heaven must have seen my optimistic attitude toward life, and my resolution to enjoy tonight to the fullest. I was ardently thanking God under my breath with happy tears on my eyes.

As soon as I sat down on a sofa beside Rosa, she told me, “Shogo, what do you think about my friend? She is very pretty, isn’t she? She told me that she likes you very much and wants to talk to you. She’s gone to a bathroom and will be back soon. Talk to her, Shogo, okay?” When she came back, I asked her to take a walk with me. As she heard my invitation, her face brightened; she gave me an amorous smile and was willing to go with me.

After I inflamed her with love, I decided to get some drink. While I was strolling around the garden, whistling, Ramon suddenly approached me and called to me excitedly, “Hey bitch, where have you been, man? I was looking for you everywhere, but I couldn’t find you. How’s it going? Have you enjoyed it so far?”

I nodded mysteriously with half-closed eyes and replied religiously, “Yap! Trust me, I’ve enjoyed more than you can imagine because God willing!”

“Ha-ha-ha, fucking Shogo, what did you do, man? By the way, did you talk to Rosa’s friend?”


“Oh, man, she is so hot and sexy. While I was dancing with Patricia, I couldn’t take my eyes off her with a tremendous erection, ha-ha-ha. My erection was glued to her cunt with an invisible cord, so to speak. Anyway, Rosa informed me that her friend likes you very much and wants to do something with you. That crazy hot blond cunt! You are fucking lucky, man! I really think you can easily fuck her, but remember, don’t do it beside my sleeping father, okay? Ha-ha-ha.”

“Indeed, I was with her before. You know, I mean alone.”

“Fucking Shogo! What happened?”

I gave him an indulgent smile, “You know, Ramon. I just sat down on the edge of Garden to look at the calm sea with her and made myself busy kissing her. While we were chattering away, she was constantly massaging my prick affectionately as though she were patting on her puppy’s head. I just let her touch my prick as long as she wanted and let my prick extend toward the heaven to say hello because tonight is your wedding day, ha-ha-ha.”

He was guffawing uncontrollably, “Fucking Shogo, you haven’t changed anything since I met you in Vancouver the first time. You always become a honey bitch when you see hot blond cunts. That’s why I’ve considered about you as my best friend and as a special bitch, ha-ha-ha. By the way, sorry man, I’ve been so busy, so I can’t spend much time with you. I really want to spend with you on my special day, but you know, I have to attend to and take care of a lot of shits. And needless to say, Henri has busied working on Fernanda. I think he’ll fuck her tonight, ha-ha-ha.”

“Good for him. I’ve started admiring his enthusiasms. He is obviously enjoying the party. I guess he’s enjoyed too much anyway.”

“Yeah, he is always like that. He is crazy, but he is a very good friend of mine, too. And I know you’ll like him, and Henri and you’ll become good friends to each other.”