What a Confound Guy He Is!

Seeking the Meaning of Life

I have been treated with a plethora of generosity from everyone since my arrival at Playa Del Carmen, as though an Elijah had appeared to them from out of the sky. I have been staying at Ramon’s apartment for a week now. To my astonishment, Henri has been with them for ten days already when I came here. They informed me that he would go back to France in five days, and this is his vacation.

As I say, I have been treated good and proper here, but actually it is overabundant. From morning to night I am fed good and proper without spending any single penny. Every morning Patricia asks me what I want to eat for breakfast and always serves a fresh breakfast with hot coffee, of course. Ramon always eats lunch around 2:00 p.m. and always picks me up wherever I am. He always says, “Shogo, you don’t need to pay for anything because you’re unemployed right now, ha-ha-ha. Don’t worry, bitch, I’ll pay for you.” In the night we always sail on Fifth Avenue to eat dinner and then go to a bar or a night club, or Chilly Willys, perhaps? Every night adventure, Henri insists that he takes care of everything, what a confound guy he is! Every morning I wake up with a heart overflowing with gratitude and fervently thank Lord Almighty for being born under the lucky stars.

I met Henri ten months ago here in Playa Del Carmen. I had been in Mexico due to the Ramon’s execution day, as he called it. Henri is one of Ramon’s best friends. Henri and Ramon had attended the University of ITESO in Guadalajara three years ago and became friends. Henry and I were staying at Ramon’s apartment together ten months ago. Ramon was busy preparing for his wedding, so I naturally spent time with Henri.

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