Don’t You Think So?

Seeking the Meaning of Life

It has been past 6:30 p.m. Gerardo and I are indulging in having spent an idle day since it is the twenty-fifth of December. “Shogo, I’m thinking we should go to Starbucks to just relax. Today is Christmas, so everywhere is supposed to be closed. We have only a few options. What do you think?”

“Yap, let’s go, my friend!”

When we arrive at Starbucks, it is full of people already. Maybe, they have nothing to do today and want to just relax as well. I suddenly change my mind and say, “Gerardo, we should go to Burger King to eat something and just go home to rest. Here are a lot of people, so we might not find a table.”

He consents, “Yeah, you are right. It might be a good idea to eat something there and just go home because I am too lazy today and still feel tired.”

When we enter Burger King, not too many people are eating. While we are queuing to order our food, a gentleman, who is a quite old-aged man of present mien, courteous, affable with gray hairs on his turf, suddenly advances toward me as large as life in order to commence a conversation with me, “Hola, como estas?”

I reply amiably, “Estoy bien, gracious, y tu?”

“Estoy bien, gracias por preguntar.”

“De donde eres?” he asks.


He must have been thinking that I speak Spanish fluently because he suddenly starts gushing with excitement, “Oh, tu eres japones, respeto la cultura japonesa. Que te hizo venire a Mexico? Estas estudiando o trabajando?”

In order to make him understand that I cannot speak Spanish; I just pretend to speak it fluently, I fire my favorite phrase away, “No puedo hablar espanol.”

Here Gerardo rescues me, “No puedo hablar espanol. El habla ingress.”

The gentleman shifts languages and talks to me in English, “I am very much fond of Japanese. Tokyo is the most expensive city to live around the world. Japan has the best technology and has produced the most advanced technology in the world as well. I really respect Japan in every way. Also, Japan is very beautiful country. I saw on TV that exquisite skyscrapers are everywhere in Tokyo, and they are beautifully illuminated in the night. It must be wonderful to live in Japan.”

Here I feel obliged to interrupt him, “I didn’t know Tokyo is the most expensive city to live in around the world. I thought it was London. Anyway, you’re right about the technology. Yap, Japan has the most advanced technology, that I admit; however, you’d better know it has been degenerating Japanese shamelessly. If you have an opportunity to visit Japan, you will see Japanese people’s depraved behaviors, with gadgets everywhere. When I was in Japan, I couldn’t see my own countrymen’s visible depravities, without being blushed with humiliation. If Japan was the wonderful country as you said, I wouldn’t come here to start a new life in the first place. Don’t you think so?”

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