I’ll Say No More

Seeking the Meaning of Life

After the present exchange, we went to Chiluca, where the house of Leticia’s sister is located. There were almost forty relatives of Gerardo’s family there. We enjoyed a delicious dinner and enjoyed playing games.

In the garden they had prepared piñatas for the children. Gerardo forced me to hit a piñata. Therefore, I decided to show my skill at brandishing a stick – I was hitting it like a furious samurai. Everyone was laughing and shouting at me due to my unduly violent performance.

The pictures of each family member were adorned on homemade paper boards in the corner of the garden. Leticia’s sister showed me where my picture was, saying, “There is handsome Japanese. I have only a few pictures of you, but it doesn’t matter because you are good looking always.”

Gerardo had just happened to listen to her compliments of me and smiled at me with a slight hint of mockery. I said to him exuberantly, “Gerardo, did you hear what she said to me just now. Oh my God, why? Please tell me in the name of Almighty, why must my attraction be universal? Give me a rest, man!”

“I knew it, man! I knew exactly what you were going to say! That’s why I didn’t say anything. Happy son of bitch! She just wants to be nice to you. But I’ll say no more, ha-ha-ha,” he was laughing.

To my great surprise, they prepared the game called “Cien Mexicanos Dijeron” which is an imitation of the famous Mexican quiz show. They prepared a big screen, a whiteboard, microphones, tables, switches, and so on and so forth in the garden. They made teams segregated according to the each family, and I belonged to Gerardo’s family.

Of course, Jorgito was the one who enjoyed and became animated during the game the most. He was dancing around like a nigger, shaking his Mexican brown ass jubilantly like a contented donkey, and shouting at the top of his lungs with perspiration on his brow although the night was cold with chilly wind. Needless to say, stupid Leticia was delighted beyond human understanding and was capering around the garden like an exuberant pig.

I did not know what was going on accurately because the game was played in Spanish. Anyway, I participated in the game attentively and tried to understand it with all my zeal. And finally, the game was over. Jorgito announced to me as proud as a god, “Shogo, we won! You saw with your own eyes how quickly I answered the questions, like a flash. My shrewdness is a gift from heaven, you know, ha-ha-ha. We won because of me, me, me. Stupid Gerardo constantly gave wrong answers, but I covered his ass with my unearthly remarkable knowledge, heh-heh-heh-heh!”

Before we left, Leticia’s sister gave me the picture of every family member with names on it. She was generous enough to include me on this picture as well. What an admirable human gesture indeed!

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