Can You Comprehend that Guy?

Seeking the Meaning of Life

“Shogo, I’m not talking about just enjoying dancing with and touching beautiful vaginas; I’m talking about enjoying life. I like to go to Excess with you or my friends because we can talk and have a wonderful time together, you know. I like to go there to enjoy time with my friends, which is the main point; however, fucking Luis doesn’t recognize such sorts of enjoyment obviously. Moreover, you know, it’s very difficult for us to have sex with beautiful women and have a relationship with them. We might have a chance to have a relationship with extremely beautiful women, but it is one out of million in one’s lifetime. Of course, it’s easy for us to have sex with ordinary beauties. What I’m trying to say is that those kinds of places give us fantasy, you know. It’s sometimes good for us to go to Excess to forget everything and just enjoy the moment fully like a child, you know.”

I nodded with bewilderment, “Of course, my friend, you are right. I like to go there not only for dancing, but in order to have fun with my friends. But seriously, why doesn’t Luis want to go to a whore house to enjoy women? I sincerely don’t understand him. Why has he triumphantly protected his virginity since he was born, as if being virgin shined his virtue elegantly? Maybe, only heaven knows why he is extremely stubborn as a mule. It’s not healthy for him to be virgin such a long time, you know. It doesn’t matter if he’s lost his virginity to a whore or an ordinary girl: The essential thing is that he has to enjoy women sometimes.”

He affirmed and cried out, “Exactly, my friend! He has to enjoy women. Son of bitch’s small brain can’t comprehend such kinds of things. Do you know why he always does things opposite from everyone? Because he thinks it’s cool to do opposite things from us – it makes him special and unique. Can you comprehend that guy? For example, we went to Cuba three years ago. We were five people, including fucking Luis. Shogo, you can’t imagine how easy it is to get laid in Cuba. Very easy, man. Just go to any night club, and girls will surround you, waiting to be chosen. I stayed there for three days, and I fucked girls every night. Believe me, it’s a piece of cake. You must go to Cuba because you are in Mexico right now. It’s very cheap to go there. We must go there together, and I assure you that you’ll get laid every night, my friend.”

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