Fair Enough

Seeking the Meaning of Life

“I know, Shogo. I should stop thinking about it, but it’s so difficult. It’s goddamn difficult. You surely understand what I’m talking about. You, too, if you are in love with someone, it’s difficult for you to erase such things in your mind – that’s why you don’t want to have a girlfriend right now, so that you can focus only on writing without unnecessary distractions.”

“Yeah, you are absolutely right about that. I know it’s hard for you to ignore such things, but try not to think about it for your own sake, okay?”

“Yes, I will. Shogo, look over there. Elaine is dancing. She is very beautiful, man. You should invite her after the dance.”

“Oh my God! She is so beautiful today. In my eyes she is beautiful more than ever. I’ll invite her right after the dance. No more reconnoiter! I don’t need other vaginas. She is the one I want to dance with tonight.” I declared excitedly.

“Of course, she is your sweetheart. You know, I really think she loves you,” he nodded mysteriously.

“A bright smile spreads on her face whenever she sees you as if you were Jesus Christ. You have to ask her out. The last time she asked for your telephone number. Why don’t you ask her out? I think she has a lot of whore friends. We can go out with them.”

“What? You think you’re invited to our date, ha-ha-ha…. Of course, I’ll ask her to bring her friends for you, my friend. Are you sure that you are in love with Heather? Do you want to fuck other vaginas?”

“Of course, Shogo. When Heather comes to Mexico, I can’t fuck other vaginas. Therefore, I’ve promised to myself that I would fuck many vaginas before she comes.”

“Fair enough. You shall fuck many vaginas. Trust me on that score, ha-ha-ha…. Anyway, have you decided which one you’re going to dance with?”

“Not yet, man. I’m still looking. Maybe, I’ll dance only one song tonight because you know, I don’t have money.”

“Idiot, are you still talking about money? Just enjoy, man.”

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