I Truly Admire Their Friendliness

I am wandering around the streets of Condesa and singing with pure joy. My depression was vanished totally, and I feel I am a free man who has just been granted a new start in life. Life is so unpredictable and a full of surprise – I was hopelessly in despair a month ago in Japan, but now I saunter on the streets slowly and indifferently with my hands in my pockets under the Mexican climate. I am feeling that life is smiling at me and am alive more than ever. I do not have any resources, any fixed schedules, or a job. Complete freedom. What a wonderful feeling to wake up each morning without any tension, worry, or anxiety!

While I am on my way to Starbucks, I am fervently thanking my lucky stars for showing me the real human life. As soon as I enter Starbucks, they recognize me, and without ordering, they start preparing for my drink. I am sitting at the usual place by the transparent window and looking at passersby happily. I remember that after I introduced myself, they said to me: “Shogo, you can stay here to study as long as you wish and come here anytime you want. You’re very welcome.” Since then, every time I come here, they offer me a friendly welcome by shaking hands and talk to me cordially. Everywhere I go the same amiable things happen to me in Mexico. I truly admire their friendliness, humanness, and attitudes toward life. In Japan things are diametrically opposite. They just gave me a cold greeting whenever I went to a café and asked me to kindly leave with their inhuman glances because I stayed there for two hours while ordering only a cup of coffee! Japanese have no feelings indeed. Thank God, I do not need to see their inhuman behavior anymore!

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