I’m Bursting Out From Sheer Happiness

I was tremendously happy with a quivering joy shooting through me, and I felt the world prostrating before me. As soon as she was gone, I spun around to the direction of Hastings Campus and saw that someone was waving his right hand to me with an amiable grin. It was Gerardo. He was standing on Hastings Street with a cigarette in his left hand and was late for the class as usual. “Hey Shogo, how are you? Is Clarissa your girlfriend? She is amazingly beautiful. What just happened there, man? I saw she was kissing you, ha-ha-ha…,” he said, full of curiosity.

“She has just become my girlfriend. I just told her about my love. How long were you here? Did you watch everything?”

“Of course, man. I witnessed everything, ha-ha-ha. You are very lucky, Shogo. I know that everyone likes her so much because she is so beautiful, but she only talks to you. I’ve seen that she’s ignored guys trying to talk with her many times. What is your magic, man? Congratulations, my friend!”

“Thanks, Gerardo. I’m bursting out from sheer happiness, ha-ha-ha.”

He offered me a cigarette and lit it for me. And he asked, “Shogo, could you do me a big favor? Of course, you know Maria, who is Clarissa’s friend. I like her very much. She is very beautiful, too. I know Maria is your friend, since I have seen Clarissa, Maria, and you talking together many times. Could you introduce me to Maria? You just have to invite her Cambie Pub on the Friday. And of course, you have to tell her about my good points. I want to be her boyfriend, of course. I’m counting on you, man, ha-ha-ha. I just want to touch her ass. She has an amazing ass, isn’t she? If I can touch her huge ass, you know, if I can rub on her enormous ass once, I can die with no regret. Let me have an opportunity to caress her ass, man, please, ha-ha-ha….”

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