Twenty-Three Summers Were Behind Her

This idea sounded good to me and cheered my spirit up. Finally, I decided to get rid of the French Chimpanzee at any coast and said to him with a determined voice, “Can you kindly go to the class alone because I need to talk with her?”

“Okay, why not. You need to talk to her? I understand. I’ll see you there, Shogo,” he went away disappointedly.

Her name is Clarissa. She has a beautiful china blue eyes and smooth blonde hair. She looks like a European and is like an angel from heaven. Twenty-three summers were behind her.

We were in the corner of Hastings Street under the tree. “You said that you want to tell me something. What is it, Shogo?”

I was extremely nervous, but to prevent stammering, I tried to say slowly, “Clarissa, I had wanted to tell you about something so simple for a long time. Probably, you have already realized how I am feeling toward you. I just want you to know that I like you very much. Will you be my girlfriend?”


She looked at the other way for a second and then stared at my eyes. And said, “I quite don’t understand. Could you repeat it, Shogo, please?”

“I just want you to know that I like you very much and want you to be my girlfriend,” I looked at her eyes with heart a full of love.

“I’m so sorry. It’s quite the difficult grammar for me, so I didn’t understand perfectly, but I do now,” she was laughing.

“Me too, I like you very much. I’m happy to be your girlfriend,” she replied with joyful tears on her eyes. “I have to go to the class. Shogo, will you wait for me in front of the Heisting Campus after class?”

She hugged me and kissed me on my lips. It was the first time she kissed me. And then she walked on with wiping her tears.

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