I’ll Give Him the Final Warning

The bright sun was on the sky with autumn wind, and I was head over heels in love with a Brazilian girl. I decided to tell her about my love, so one day I asked her to eat lunch together. My initial plan was that I would ask her out somewhere and tell her about my love, but alas, everything went wrong from the start. We were having lunch at Blenz Coffee. It was a very clear sky and a balmy weather with gentle breeze, so we decided to eat outside of the café on the side of Granville Street. It had been perfect so far indeed. While we were talking, I was surreptitiously thinking how to bring about the main subject. Suddenly, an unforeseen nightmare had fallen upon me. My French classmate showed up out of nowhere and said, “Hey Shogo, what are you doing? Is she your friend?”

“I’m talking with my friend,” I replied tersely with a bit irritation.

To my great surprise, she said to him, “Why don’t you join us?”

As soon as he heard her invitation, he sat down our table and joined our conversation. This was a kind of death sentence to me. I was so mad at the French imbecile. “Why in the name of God does the insensitive son of bitch decide to join us? Is he totally blind? Can’t he understand from my face that I am doing a very important mission as a life and death operation?” I thought. I was starting to concentrate on one thing with all my energy: how to get rid of the French bastard as quickly as possible. I was constantly checking the time because in ten minutes, afternoon class would begin. I talked to myself under my breath while they were chatting trivial things: “Don’t be jealous of him, Shogo, because he is as ugly as sin and looks like a shame-haired chimpanzee. Let her talk with the French chimpanzee as long as he is stupid enough for daring to ask my angel out because he is nothing, zero. Just concentrate on how to execute your mission. The time has been elapsing quickly, so you have to think fast, idiot! Yes, as soon as we stand up for the afternoon class, I’ll give him the final warning. That is all. I don’t care what the French chimpanzee will think of me. And then I’ll let her know that I have something important to tell her.”

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